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Due to the inclement weather forecast and the Governor's declared state of emergency, all Linden schools will be closed tomorrow, Thursday, March 5th. This includes all after school activities.

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Linden's Union County Tournament title win over No. 1 Roselle Catholic. No. 6 Linden upset No. 1 Roselle Catholic to win the crown for the first time since 2006. The winning streak continues with the 1st round of the NJSIAA State Tournament win over Millburn. 65-25

Linden Defeats Millburn 65-25

Linden's Union County Tournament title win over No. 1 Roselle Catholic. No. 6 Linden upset No. 1 Roselle Catholic to win the crown for the first time since 2006. The winning streak continues with the 1st round of the NJSIAA State Tournament win over Millburn. 65-25

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Ms. Nadriena Wesley’s Anatomy and Physiology classes at Linden High School were engaged in an Owl Pellet lab activity, where they were investigating the type of organism consumed by the owl. Students were required to reassemble the remains and identify the organism. Pictured are seniors Jenaiya Hodge and Kyle Phipps.

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2nd Grade students at School No. 6 are exploring balance as they begin the new module "Balancing and Weighing." They were challenged to balance a butterfly on a pencil.

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School No. 5 third grade students in Mrs. Rokhsana Suggs' class are utilizing their MacBook Airs to access their Social Studies text books in order to identify the role of our government.

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School No. 6 students pictured below ( Lindsay Harper, Victoria Tomczyk, Lukas Mikulenas and Viktoria Madarova ) learn various instrumental music techniques.

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The Linden Public Schools celebrated Chinese New Year of the Sheep in a big way on Wednesday, February 18. The Linden High School NJROTC, the Linden High School Dance Company, and the Linden Percussion Ensemble put on a culturally authentic show, demonstrating colorful and exiting elements of Chinese culture. The show was performed at elementary schools #1, #6, #8, #10, and both McManus and Soehl middle schools.

The performances started with a lion and dragon procession from the NJROTC under the direction of Chief Mark Velez. This is the same sort that can be seen in China and Chinatowns throughout the world during this time of year. Traditionally, Chinese dragons are viewed as very lucky. Therefore, the dragon dance is seen as bestowing good luck for the New Year upon all who see it.

Following the dragon dance, the Linden High School Dance Company performed Chinese umbrella and ribbon dances. Both of these dance styles have deep connections in Chinese history, dating back to as early as the 1st Century BCE. These dances were coordinated and facilitated by Mrs. Barbara Brady.

The processions and dances were accompanied by music transcribed and directed by Mr. Anthony Spano and performed on taiko drums. Taiko drums are large and played with thick wooden sticks. They make a very recognizable deep, booming sound, which were a perfect addition to the various dance performances.

From this performance, students learned valuable knowledge about how people across Asia and the Chinese diaspora celebrate the Lunar New Year. At Linden Public Schools, programs like this are successful due to the continued cooperation between language and arts teachers, the NJROTC program, building principles, and the World Language Supervisor, Mrs. Alphonsina Paternostro.

On behalf of all of us at the Linden Public Schools, have a happy and prosperous Year of the Sheep!

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French students at LHS shifted away from their 11 year tradition of celebrating Mardi Gras on “Fat Tuesday,” instead celebrating it on a Wednesday. This was due to a snow storm on that traditional Tuesday. Full of determination, the students chose to celebrate Mardi Gras and carried on with the activities the following Wednesday. This event would not have taken place if it wasn’t for the graciousness of Mrs. Gallagher, who gave up her reservation for the media center that day.

After a weeklong preparation, students were finally able to participate in Mardi Gras activities, which included: poetry, short plays, iMovie, arts, dances, and many more. The activities culminated in a Mardi Gras best t-shirt contest. Students, with the help of their parents, prepared traditional Mardi Gras dishes that were savored by the participants.

Madame Foy would like to thank all the parents for their contributions to the success of this great event.

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Wow, we at Linden School No. 9 can't believe it's finally here — the 100th day of school! The 100th day of school marks an important milestone for both teachers and students. At School No. 9, counting the days of school has become an important math class ritual. Students count each day of school, looking for number patterns on the calendar, and counting the days by twos, fives, and tens. Many classes celebrate the 100th Day with special activities centered on the 100 theme.
This year the students incorporated community service, which is part of the Character Education program, to the 100th celebration theme. The entire school, including faculty and staff, collected groups of 100 items to donate to various organizations throughout the Linden community. In the lobby of the school is a bar graph of the goals that are met and every goal has been met ahead of the special day. A few of the organizations that the students are collecting for are as follows:
Socks for children (donated to Living with Hope)
New or gently used books (donated to Friends of Linden Library)
Home-made Valentine's Day Cards (SHHH…it's a surprise to the residents of 5 Star Adult Day Care & Delaire Nursing/Rehab Center in Linden)
Box Tops (donated to School No. 9 PTA)
On February 18th a representative from each of the organizations were on hand to accept the donations from the students. Congratulations to School No. 9 for achieving their goal of 100 while learning the importance of community service.

In the attached photo Back row: Mr. Rick Molinaro, Principal of School No. 9, Mrs. Dawn Beviano, President of Friends of Linden Library, Donita Baldon, committee member of 5 Star Adult Day Care, Denise DeRoy, committee member of 5 Star Adult Day Care, Mr. Jay Dertinger, Operational Manager of LINCS Food Pantry, Martha Rodriguez, founder of Living with Hope, Emmitt Smith, committee member of 5 Star Adult Day Care, Don DelGandio, Activities Director of 5 Star Adult Day Care

Linden School No. 9 Students: Arianna Rodriguez, Valerie Sanglay, Grace Sartoretti, Tyler Sautner, Diego Rodriquez

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