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Today, our Chinese exchange group left Fuzhou and arrived in Beijing. Again, we at the Linden Public Schools would like to express our deep gratitude to the students and parents of Fuzhou #3 High School for hosting us, and the school’s staff for all their effort in making our program run smoothly.

Upon arrival in Beijing, our group ate a delicious Beijing roast duck lunch and then toured the Temple of Heaven, a temple complex where Chinese emperors prayed for rain and good harvests. We even ran into a young couple there taking wedding photos who were nice enough to include us in their pictures! After touring the Temple, we did some shopping at the Hongqiao Market.

Our students are now staying with their third and final home stays from the Beijing New Talent Academy. We will continue touring Beijing over the weekend on this, the last leg of our trip!

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Linden High School NJROTC volunteers at an event for the Friends of the Linden Library. The students greeted the patrons, assisted with room preparations along with the refreshments. There was a full audience and the LHS NJRTOC were active participants with the community. Overall the NJROTC were motivators in promoting reading at the library and for the patrons to become more involved.
The next event sponsored by the Friends of the Linden Library is Saturday, April 18 for a viewing of The Jersey Boys, at Linden Library.

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First grade students in Mrs. Seaman's class at School No. 5 are exploring different ways to initiate rotational motion. They discovered that they could speed up the spinning of their zoomers by pulling on the string.

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Jeremy Gloria and his mother attended a Parent Workshop in Mrs. Olsen's Pre-K classroom at School No. 9. They participated in a Tools of the Mind Literacy Activity of Story Lab, in which the children and parents listened to a read aloud story and then focused on the skill of building new vocabulary. The parents were then given the needed materials to reinforce this language arts curriculum component at home.

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Our students in China had the chance to have some fun today! In the afternoon, we went to an indoor ice skating rink. Nikolas Christodoulou, Claudia Rusin, and Antonio Echeverria all set a great example by teaching their classmates from LHS and their hosts from Fuzhou #3 High School how to skate! After skating, the students went back to the high school and had the chance to see first hand how Chinese students relax after a long day of class, and were not afraid to join in too.

Today was also the birthday of one of our hosting students – Simon Liu. A very Happy Birthday from everyone here in Linden! Simon’s family was kind enough to treat us all to dinner, where we got to enjoy local Fuzhou food. After dinner, Grace Wu, who is hosting Mr. Bender, generously invited us into her home to participate in a tea ceremony.

So one again, we want to wish Simon a very Happy Birthday! As we say in Chinese, “sheng ri kuai le!”

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Our group left the Xiamen Foreign Language School today, and headed to Fuzhou, where they will be staying with host families from #3 High School.

Before we left, the Vice Principal of Xiamen Foreign Language School thanked us for our stay, and welcomed us back next year. Then, our students put on a performance with their new Chinese friends. First, they sang “Jasmine Flower,” a traditional folk tune. After that, students from both countries sang “The Cup Song” from the movie Pitch Perfect.

Our students are now staying in with families from Fuzhou #3 High School, and will have the chance to enjoy the local sights, while learning about the language and local culture in the evenings.

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International Women's Day Celebration at LHS

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Our students got to see a fresh perspective on China today with our visit to traditional Hakka Houses AKA Tu Lou, a type of fortified city high up in the mountains of Fujian Province. The oldest Hakka House that was visited today was 700 years old, and all these old buildings are still lived in today as they were for the past hundreds of years!

Not only did our group get to see what life outside of the big city is like, we also were able to take in a wide variety of beautiful scenery, eat some locally grown cuisine, and sample tea that is grown here in the mountains around the Tu Lou.

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At School No. 5, the PTA put together an inspirational event to celebrate Women's History Month. Mayor Armstead, community members, and teachers came together to honor powerful women. Our guest speakers prepared motivational speeches that demonstrated how women for centuries have worked so hard to improve our society. Here at Linden Public Schools, we salute every woman for all their wisdom and dedication to making our nation a better place. Our honorary speakers were Linden Councilwoman Rhashonna Cosby-Hurling, Author Raquele F. Stickland, Captain of Linden Police Department Jonathan Parham, Author Keli Matthews, Philanthropist Lolita Slater, and Rosalind Julius-Mickel RN, MSN.

Photographed from left to right:
Author Keli Matthews, PTA Secretary Bernadette Jenkins, PTA Treasurer Tiffany Massey, Philanthropist Lolita Slater, Rosalind Julius-Mickel RN, MSN, PTA President Melissa Deryce, and Rokhsana Suggs School No. 5's Administrative Intern

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Students in Mrs. Rieckhoff's 3rd Grade class at School No. 5 have been using their Macbook Airs to research famous woman in history. To celebrate March's Woman's History Month, they each created a PowerPoint Presentation and presented their research to the class.

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