McManus Middle School students, staff and families came together Wednesday, April 3, for a night of learning and fun at their second annual STEAM Night. 

Students and teachers created a variety of displays, challenges and exhibits to show the wide range of lessons the school features in science, technology, engineering, art and math.


The program included a living wax museum in the cafeteria where students dressed up as famous scientists and educated visitors on that person’s contributions to the world of science.

Engineering challenges included building a boat out of aluminum foil and seeing how many marbles it could hold before sinking; building a bucket tower out of straws, tape and a cup and seeing how many marbles it could hold before collapsing; and seeing who could build a tower of plastic cups the fastest.

adult and child sitting at table creating geometric art project

The “A” in STEAM came into play through geometric art stations where visitors could try to a copy the work of abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky, or make their own creation out of geometric shapes.

One of the popular math exhibits was a test of Leonardo da Vinci’s theory that a person’s height equals their “wingspan” – a measurement from fingertip to fingertip when their arms are extended outward. Visitors were measured and the results were charted on a display screen.

The night also planted the seeds for the McManus garden – literally. Visitors were given seeds, topsoil and a paper cut to start the plants that will eventually grow in the school’s outdoor garden.

Other exhibits included green-screen photography, drone coding, sound-wave display, robotics, and laws of motion.

Anyone who visited every station was entered into a raffle at the end of the night. The grand prize was a Samsung Chromebook laptop.

staff poses with raffle winners