Jaclyn Beviano from the Class of 2019 won a bronze medal in the Women’s Freestyle division at the U.S. Artistic Roller Skating National Competition in Spokane, Wash., from July 17 to 28. 

Beviano, who is coached by Mary and Al Dunham at the Woodbridge Community Center, has been skating since age 8 and has competed in the national event three times. This is her first medal.

“I couldn’t believe it when they called my name!” Beviano said. “I heard the announcer say from Woodbridge, New Jersey, but it didn’t register right away. My coaches were already on their feet applauding, and I could see my family coming towards me, smiling and cheering. It took a minute to sink in!”

Beviano reached nationals after winning three gold medals in the Eastern Regional competition, held June 22 and 23 at Holiday Skating Center in Delanco, NJ, for skaters from New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Her medals were in Women’s B figures, Women’s Freestyle, and Women’s Creative.

At nationals, she skated against 23 women who represented the best skaters from nine regions around the country.

figure skater in front of photo backdrop