Linden High School world history students recently took to the hallways and the internet to spread the word among their peers about the injustice of human trafficking. 

teacher handing out magnets in class

World history teacher Derrick Potts handing out magnets to his students to help spread the word about human trafficking.

The initiative was called a “locker slam” because students slapped magnets from the New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking on lockers with messages such as “People Should Not Be For Sale” and “Be a Voice for the Voiceless,” as well as the hashtag #NJStudentsForFreedom.

“Human trafficking or modern-day slavery still is a really big problem and it hides in the shadows,” said social studies teacher Derrick Potts, who spearheaded the effort. “People are taken against their will and they are forced to perform acts of slavery. Because it’s not seen a lot, people really don’t know about it. It’s a huge problem that we need to tackle.”

magnets on school lockers

Potts asked his students to spread the magnets around the school, then to take photos of them and share them on their social media accounts with the hashtag.

“I’ve taught this topic for a while with my world history classes as a follow-up to African slavery, because slavery has not ended, it’s just changed its form,” he said. “So it’s a topic that needs to be taught because it is an injustice that does take place in the world today.”

large group of students holding up colorful magnets