Thank you to our Teachers of the Year and Educational Service Professionals of the Year, who were selected for their outstanding dedication and performance in teaching and supporting our students and their colleagues. 

Linden High School: Eric Scheidemann, social studies

Academy of Excellence: Lisa William-Warner, social worker

McManus Middle School: Howard Schulz, technology

McManus Middle School: Colleen DeMartinis, nurse

Soehl Middle School: Mackenzie Anderson, language arts

Soehl Middle School: Jessica DeFelice, social worker

School No. 1: Kristen Iradi, first grade

School No. 1: Lauren Rosenthal, reading specialist

School No. 2: Julie Becker, resource

School No. 2: Seema Gogna, paraprofessional

School No. 4: Laura Brunton, Title 1

School No. 4: Mauricio Salas, paraprofessional


School No. 5: Kayla Miller, kindergarten

School No. 5: Aliyyah Shahamat, nurse

School No. 6: Kimberly Morek, second grade

School No. 6: Beata Wlodarczyk, paraprofessional

School No. 8: Kathleen Burke, ESL

School No. 8: Jennifer Spath, paraprofessional

School No. 9: Amanda Rego, first grade

School No. 9: Stella Zatko, nurse


School No. 10: Teresa Kalyn, second grade

School No. 10: Celina Witek, paraprofessional