Former ESL students who are now members of the IB Program and International club collaborated with teachers at School No. 9 to provide an informative meeting for the district’s Haitian Creole speaking parents. The students, with support from their advisor, Ms. Zolotucha-Skiba, used their bilingual language skills in outreach efforts to promote the meeting.

During the meeting, the School No. 9 ESL team, (Mrs. Armstead-Orelien, Ms. Posy and Ms. Fleurimond, with the department’s acting supervisor, Kevin LaMastra) delivered a presentation in Haitian Creole and English to inform parents about how the district’s ESL program supports English Language learners from their entry in the program through their exit to success in the general education program. The meeting provided an opportunity for parents, teachers and students alike to have a dialog and to share their input about how we can best support these students.

The former ESL students also shared their personal experiences, and passionately encouraged parents to continue to support their children’s continued development of literacy in their home language, Haitian Creole. Both students, like many Linden ESL students, will graduate with the Seal of Biliteracy on their diplomas- a designation that will tell future employers and universities that the students have demonstrated high levels of academic language proficiency in both English and a second language.