The nickname “Tigers” and colors black and orange have been associated with Linden High School for generations. But now those familiar identifiers will be taking on a greater role throughout the Linden Public Schools system.

The Linden Board of Education voted unanimously on Wednesday night to make “Tigers” and orange and black the official mascot and color scheme for all of Linden’s elementary and middle schools as well.

The other schools had maintained a variety of mascots and color schemes, including the McManus Middle School Vikings and the Soehl Middle School Hawks, which were not as well known outside the individual schools.

Superintendent Danny Robertozzi, who championed the change, said he feels it will promote unity and a sense of family throughout the district.

“This way, we’re all Tigers,” he said.

Dr. Robertozzi pointed out that a makeover of McManus’ auditorium this summer already incorporated the new color scheme, but said it’s something that will take time to roll out throughout the district.

“It’s not like everything is going to be painted orange and black overnight,” Dr. Robertozzi said.

Here is the full resolution passed by the Board of Education:

WHEREAS, “Tigers” has been the mascot and nickname, and “black and orange” have been the official colors, of Linden High School for almost a century; and

WHEREAS, Linden High School students have brought honor and distinction to the “Tigers” and the “orange and black” for many years in the classroom and on the field of competition; and

WHEREAS, one of the goals of the Linden Public Schools is to instill this sense of unity, camaraderie and teamwork citywide among students, faculty and staff of all of the schools in our “District of Distinction”; and

WHEREAS, the school district currently has a varied and arcane mix of mascots and school colors among our middle schools and elementary schools.

NOW, THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED BY THE LINDEN BOARD OF EDUCATION that henceforth “Tigers” will be the mascot and nickname, and “orange and black” will be the official colors, for all Linden Public Schools and the Linden Public School District.