Soehl Middle School Vice Principals Isabella Scocozza, left, and Gwendolyn Long and Principal Richard Molinaro by one of the school’s new welcome mats. It’s one of the improvements made over the summer, in addition to a new interior paint job.

Students at Soehl Middle School arrived for the 2017-18 school year to find a fresh new look throughout the school.

The school’s hallways and classrooms got a fresh coat of paint, the gym locker rooms got new lockers, ceiling tiles, flooring and bathrooms, and the main entrance got new welcoming floor mats with the Linden Public Schools logo. The school also got a new parking lot on Elm Street with more than 30 spaces for faculty and staff.

Principal Richard Molinaro says the facelift enhances the school’s learning environment for students.

“Anybody that comes into our school, they’re going to find it’s very welcoming and we’re ready for a fresh new start to the 2017-2018 school year,” he said.

Molinaro, who is starting his second year as Soehl’s principal, says he is also looking forward to having the auditorium remodeled next summer.