Linden PBA Local No. 42 donated $100 toward Linden Public Schools’ wristband sales to help a Texas high school destroyed by Hurricane Harvey.

Officers visited Linden High School on Monday to deliver a check to the school’s Peer Pals class, which is spearheading the district-wide effort.

“I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the PBA,” said LHS Principal Yelena Horre. “The students and faculty of LHS are truly humbled by the unprecedented support received by the Linden community and our local PBA.

“It has been heartwarming to see so many people reach out to be part of this student movement, and to show students how far their voices can be heard.”

All donations will go toward helping Kingwood High School in Humble, Texas, which was flooded by Harvey’s deluge. Linden is pooling its money with its partner high school in Allen, Texas to help Humble. Linden and Allen have had an ongoing relationship since Allen reached out in a spirit of sympathy and unity shortly after 9/11.

“What a great example of one community helping another in this time of need, and PBA Local No. 42 is more than happy to assist in this fundraising effort,” said Local 42 President Tim Hubert.

Linden’s Peer Pals students designed the red, white and blue silicone wristbands, which read “Linden Public Schools: Humble Enough to Help.” They are available in all of Linden’s schools, or by calling Linden High School at 908-486-5432.

Pictured are Officer John Halkias, PBA vice president; Peer Pals class members Ariana Moore, Melanie Gomes, Joseph Sobanjo, Lovens Lormilus and Juan Montes; and Sgt. Eric Calleja, sergeant-at-arms for the Linden Superior Officers Association.