Linden Public Schools celebrated the Week of Respect from Oct. 2 to 6 to recognize the importance of social and emotional learning and character education. All schools observed the week by providing age-appropriate instruction focusing on preventing bullying and harassment.

The schools got creative in how they marked this special week.

Soehl Middle School students participated in “Team Up for Respect” by wearing their favorite sports jerseys to school to promote the spirit of respect:

Soehl Middle School staff wearing team jerseys and holding sign saying "Treat Others the Way you Want to be treated"

School No. 1 students made morning announcements about what respect means to them and made posters to hang in the hallways.

School 1 students hold sign that says "Respect" with posters behind them

School No. 4 taught students to be “bucket fillers,” which means to be kind and thoughtful:

School 4 display about "bucket filling"

School No. 6 learned to respect others and respect the world, as well as to respect their bodies with an exercise program that kept them moving for 40 minutes:

School 6 gym teacher leading students in exercise session

School No. 8 had a visit from Omegaman, the anti-bullying superhero, who taught students to make good choices and to be “dream makers,” not “dream breakers:”

Omegaman superhero on stage at School 8 assembly

Schools No. 9 and 10 led into the week with age appropriate assemblies. Younger kids saw “The Right Choice,” about making good choices, and the older children saw “Eye to Eye,” about learning to accept one another for who they are:

School 9 students raising hands at assembly, with screen saying "Don't judge a book by its cover."

School No. 10 asked students to wear blue shirts on Tuesday (see photo at top) and signed “contracts” on sneakers to “Stomp Out Bullying.”