For the week of Dec. 4-8, students throughout Linden Public Schools took part in the Hour of Code program, whose aim is to give everyone a taste of computer coding.

It is in observance of Computer Science Education Week.

 In several of the elementary schools, older students worked with younger students to help them get the hang of the new concepts. The goal of Hour of Code is for students to learn that computer science can be fun and is something that all students have the ability to learn.

At Linden High School, computer science teacher Holly Sepulveda held after-school sessions for any student outside her normal classes who wanted to try coding. Some staff members also took part.

Many of the students got a Certificate of Completion when they were finished their age-appropriate lesson.

Students at School 1 at laptops during Hour of Code

School No. 1

Students at School No. 2 at laptops for Hour of Code

School No. 2

Older student helping younger student with Hour of Code at School 6

School No. 6

Students at School 8 in front of laptop for Hour of Code

School No. 8

Students at School 10 in front of lap tops for Hour of Code

School No. 10

Linden High School students at laptops for Hour of Code

Linden High School