Seventh-graders at Soehl Middle School recently held an “Invention Convention,” where they presented research about famous inventors – as well as models the students created of their inventions. 

Prior to the event on Dec. 8, the students researched inventors and inventions in their language arts classes, studying reliable websites, annotating informational texts, and summarizing facts. Students learned about inventors such as Samuel Morse and Jacques Cousteau, and about inventions including the washing machine, scuba diving equipment, the telegraph, and pigeon photography. Students designed a poster about the invention, created an iMovie about the inventor using their MacBooks, and built a model of the invention using household items.

The project culminated at the convention, where students visited the various exhibits and completed a scavenger hunt to answer comprehension questions. This project was done under the direction of language arts teachers Jennifer Macdonald and Christine Urbanczyk as well as student teacher Jamie Pierson.

Principal Molinaro looking over display as student look on   student with invention

students near invention model  students with invention model

students looking at research  Principal Molinaro looking over a project

project on eyeglasses and eye surgery  project on scuba gear

model of drone  students hold up a project

students with model of a telegraph  three teachers