Staff at School No. 4 transformed the school’s reading room into a Winter Wonderland for last week’s holiday bazaar.

The event was held Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and was a collaborative effort by the school’s administrators, staff, parents and students. 

Planning started in September, and the room was closed at the start of the week so staff could work during prep periods and after school to decorate. The windows into the room were covered so that students were surprised at the unveiling.

“We have an amazing staff and great parents,” said Vice Principal Suzanne Olivero, who helped lead the project and credited Principal Anthony Cataline and school nurse Colleen Goeller with making the event possible for the students. “Every little thing we do for the kids, they appreciate it. It’s worth it to see the smiles on their faces.”

The event featured a “frozen pond” that students sat around for story time and cocoa; a craft event where students made snow globes out of glitter and small bottles of water; a gift shop with inexpensive items for students to purchase; and a play area outside the reading room they called “Reindeer Games.”

Many of the decorations for the room were donated by parents, including balloons for a photo backdrop from parents who have a balloon business; a snowman made of tires from a father who is a mechanic; and trees from a parent who owns a furniture store.

Staff added to the atmosphere with lights, ice skates, sleds and a landscaping fountain that was turned into a fire pit.

Students contributed decorations they made in class to round out the festive feel. Each class that came in to visit the event stayed for an hour, spending half the time on stories and crafts, and half the time on gifts and games.

student purchasing gift  students picking out gifts

imitation fire pit  snowman made of tires

photo backdrop of white and blue balloons  students drinking cocoa

students and staff making handmade snow globes  reading teacher reading a story to kids

kids playing ball-toss game  student sitting on floor as teacher reads a story