Members of the LHS Fashion Against Bullying club took to the stage for their Winter Fashion Show. The club uses fashion to instill confidence in its members and help them send a message of self-assurance to the world. 

By Gary Miller

“It’s impossible to bully a confident person.”

The Linden High School Fashion Against Bullying club gathered for its Winter Fashion Show on Dec. 15, with members showing the poise and courage the club’s leaders say act as a shield against bullies.

The above quote was from club advisor Nadriena Wesley, who said the two-year-old club is important to a wide range of students.

“They understand that bullying comes in different forms and that they need to be proactive in doing their part and trying to make sure you’re not one of those people defined as a bully,” said Wesley, a science teacher at LHS. “Instead you’re on the other side calling out those bullies and getting them to understand that everyone is beautiful.”

The club started in April 2015 with six students and now has more than 90, both boys and girls. Along with Wesley, the club is led by Terry Todd and June McIntyre, a math teacher at the high school.

“We wanted to give them something that builds character and confidence,” Todd said. “Rather than look at the negative aspects of bullying, we want to look at the positive side, because it’s hard to bully a positive person.

“We try to project to them that their appearance is their first presentation to the world. We always tell them, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover,’ but that’s what people do.

“The first message you send to the world is how you look. So what do you want to say?”

The fashion show also featured performances by the Linden High School Steppers, a step-dance troupe; and the LHS Drama Club, which performed two anti-bullying skits.