Students at School No. 9 took on the roles of interactive museum pieces Tuesday, Feb. 13, in their wax museum presentation that allowed visitors – and the students themselves – to learn about notable figures, from pop singer Selena Gomez to President George Washington.

Each student, dressed as their historic figure, stood motionless at their station in the school cafeteria until a visitor pressed a button. Then the student would go into action as their character, describing that person’s life and significant achievements – before turning back to wax.

Students in costume

Back row: Leyanna Kendall, Andrew Gloria, Natalie Zuk, Vincent Vega, Alanah Mitchell, James Santa Maria, Ethan Paris and Jessica Tuma. Front row: Maleeya Thompson, David Montesdeoca, Jayden Dingui, Bradley Brown, Ava Villalobos and Juliana Aristizabal.

Other notables included Michael Jackson, Pablo Picasso, William Shakespeare – as well as two Bruno Marses and two Abraham Lincolns.

The session was presented by students in Mitchell Gorbunoff’s fourth-grade class, and was attended by parents, family members and other guests. Each “wax figure” also had a laptop nearby where visitors could watch a short video documentary that the student created about their character.

The students stood still in the poses for about a half-hour before Gorbunoff gave them the all clear. The relieved – and a little stiff – students transformed back to themselves and treated themselves and their guests to snacks.

student in costume with guest  student in costume

student in costume  student in costume with guest

student in costume with guest  student in costume with guest