The Save a Life Tour visited Linden High School on Friday, March 2, to teach seniors about the dangers of drunken and distracted driving using high-tech interactive simulators. 

The program included a presentation to all seniors in the morning, then students came into the gym each period with their physical education, NJROTC or dance classes to use the simulators.

One simulator showed students what it would be like to drive at various levels of impairment. Another demonstrated the dangers of driving while texting on a cellphone, as the users had to respond to text message while driving on the simulator.

The seniors also got to experience “Fatal Vision” – wearing goggles that simulate different levels of drunkenness. Officers from the Linden Police Department put students through sobriety tests while they were wearing the goggle to show how difficult simple tasks can be after drinking. Students were also asked to sign a pledge not to drink and drive or use their cellphone while driving.

The program was sponsored by the Linden Municipal Alliance.