Linden Public Schools used an array of assemblies, projects, and lessons to celebrate Women’s History Month throughout March, teaching students about the many contributions of notable women. Shown at School No. 5′s assembly are,  in front, teacher Jacqueline Caughman and fourth-grader Kaylee Wing. In back from left are neuroscientist Helen Genova; Board of Education members Tracey Birch and Theresa Villani; tae kwon do instructor Amanda McKenzie; teachers Nanci Kobylarz, Stacy Dauphin and Kayla Kluse; PTA member Toni Young; Director of Human Resources Michele Dorney; and teachers Darla Saddler and Marissa Scorese.

School No. 5

The school celebrated Women’s History Month on March 27 with a panel of women leaders (shown above) from inside and outside the school who spoke to and performed for Grades 3 through 5. PTA member Toni Young sang Jill Scott’s song “Golden” and fourth-grader Kaylee Wing sang Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are.” Students got to see a tae kwon do exhibition by instructor Amanda McKenzie, who is the niece of School No. 5 teacher Nanci Kobylarz, who read a poem that she wrote. Other speakers included Michele Dorney, director of human resources for Linden Public Schools; neuroscientist Helen Genova; School No. 5 teachers Stacy Dauphin, Darla Saddler and Jacqueline Caughman; and Board of Education members Theresa Villani and Tracey Birch.

Some of the other commemorations from around the district included:

School No. 2

The school held a door-decorating contest in which each grade level was assigned a decade. Each door displayed pertinent information about a women from that class’s time period. Doors were judged on creativity and effort, staying within the decade, representation of student participation, and grade-level appropriateness. The school also had an assembly on women in history on March 23, when students dressed up as an influential woman. Principal Atiya Perkins dressed as Michelle Obama and Vice Principal Nicole Frankonis dressed as Amelia Earhart, shown below.

Principal Atiya Perkins as Michelle Obama

VP Nicole Frankonis as Amelia Earhart

School No. 4

Classes in all grades researched various influential women in history. Kindergarten classes read about the contributions of Amelia Earhart and wrote a fact they learned about her as part of their read-write-learn. First-graders read about six famous women in history and created mini-books displaying the new information learned. Second-graders conducted research on Amelia Earhart and mapped her journey. Third-graders researched famous women in history on their MacBook Air laptops and wrote informational paragraphs. Fourth-graders read numerous biographies about women who had a positive effect on society. They then chose a woman from the past or present and wrote informational essays and biographies. Fifth-grade classes studied the life of Molly Pitcher and learned about her contributions to the Revolutionary War.

School No. 8

amelia earhart on computer screen  student looking at computer screen

Each class was assigned a notable woman in history – such as Anne Frank, Pocahontas or Eleanor Roosevelt – and had to work together to research her life. Then over two weeks, two students from one class would read three to five facts about that person over the PA system each morning, allowing the rest of the school to try to guess who the woman was. Then photos and the facts about all of the women were displayed together in the hallway. Classes also did individual projects that included research, presentations, virtual field trips, songs, etc.