Students at School No. 10 joined with the American Cancer Society to host their third annual Relay for Life event on May 4. The event was organized by third-grade teacher Kim Marie Kefalas, right, a survivor of Stage 3 breast cancer. 

The event raised $589 for the American Cancer Society and showed children in a fun way that they can make a difference. Ms. Kefalas also raised another $1,083 by selling T-shirts throughout the district that say, “Fight Like a Tiger.”

Every 30 minutes, a different grade participated in various events to help raise money and awareness. Children created a “support train” with pool noodles to demonstrate how people need support while fighting cancer. They also used beach balls with “Hope” written on them to show how hope can be passed to others. The overall message was about teamwork, support and strength.

Representatives of ShopRite in Clark, led by CarolAnn Romeo, were on hand to support the students, giving snacks, water and glow bracelets to each class, and reusable bags to the staff.