The Board of Education has honored all staff members with 25 years or more of service to the district. All were invited to a board meeting to be recognized and presented with a certificate and token of appreciation. Above are the staffers with between 25 and 30 years of service, who were honored at the Oct. 30 meeting. Below are those with 30 years of service or more, who were honored on May 22. All are pictured with Superintendent Danny A. Robertozzi and Board of Education members.

large group of staff members posing with board members

The move to honor staff members with 25 year or more of service was the idea of Board of Education President Raymond J. Topoleski. But there are so many, the board decided to do it in two groups.

Those honored on May 22 (not all were present) were: Anthony Cataline, Joseph Cataline, Audrey Miller, Alphonsina Paternostro, Elizabeth Givens, Paul Bernhard, Janice Hoffer, Lawrence Miranda, Cynthia Walker, Vincent Lararre, Susan Desanto, Barbara Kolesa, Patricia Donegan, Francis Lysick, Clinton Beriont, Brian Martinson, Donald Raulinavich, Lori DeMarzo, William McMahon, Debra Moreau, Karen Mulligan, Sally Stevens, Richard Sullivan, Edward Bajgrowicz, Maura Campbell, Cheryl English, Marie Stefanick, Joseph Daniele, Maria Luttgens, Maureen Tevlin, Vito Chiavuzzo and Patrica Gergely.

Those honored on Oct. 30 (not all were present) were: William Staubach, Dona Preston, Mary Williams, Dean Chester, Bernadette Bottino, Denise Cleary, Yelena Horre, Carol Cetroni, Rose Goldstein, Sharon Seibert, Joanne DeNunzio, Tracey Williams, Kimberley Casey, Tracy Lepore, Claire Meade, Melody Olsen, Bozena Szulc, Christa Weiss, Linda Chizzoniti, Tracey Capalbo, Helena Augustiniak, Beverly McGuiness, Kevin Thurston, Thomas Donachy, Mary Ann Imbriaco and Lee Gaskins III.

From now on, staff members will be honored each fall as they reach 25 years of service.