School No. 6 celebrated “Leadership Day” on Friday, March 8, a day when students honor leaders of the past and present and put their own leadership skills on display for visitors.  

The day is a culmination of the school’s participation in the Leader in Me program, which is designed to prepare students to succeed both in and out of the classroom. It helps students reflect on their lives, develop leadership skills, and set goals that will inspire them to succeed.

“Welcome to this exciting and amazing event, where our students get to showcase their skills and their strengths,” Principal William Mastriano told honored guests in opening remarks. “They’ve been working really hard all school year.”

This year’s theme was a celebration of Black History Month and Women’s History Month, focusing on female and African-American leaders.


“We’re celebrating our rich culture and history, not only here at School 6 but our diversity here in Linden,” Mastiano said. “And what better way than Black History Month and Women in History Month. This is who we are and what we do. It seemed so perfect.”

The day’s program started in the school gym with performances by orchestra students, the School No. 6 chorus, and the Pre-K classes for a gathering of visitors, including district administrators, Board of Education members, city and business leaders, and families.

“Day in and day out, our students at School No. 6 grow toward reaching their full potential through the Leader in Me program,” said Superintendent Danny A. Robertozzi. “Leadership Day provides them a great opportunity to show the rest of the district and the surrounding community all the amazing things they have accomplished.”

Two special guests were honored as local leaders. Tyler Scoles and Brianna Bornstad were recognized and given bouquets of roses for being Linden’s first female firefighters. Mastriano pointed out that he coached both of them in high school.

Students then led visitors in groups to different classrooms to see presentations, including iMovie videos, wall displays and living museums.

“I couldn’t be any prouder of this program or our students,” Mastriano said. “This is all about our students and giving them the power to lead their own education and giving them the tools to be successful.”