Superintendent/Attorney (agenda items requiring a vote)

Curriculum and Instruction
Chairperson: Dawn Beviano
Members: Tracey Birch, Gregory Martucci

Management Operations
Chairperson: Raymond Topoleski
Members: Dawn Beviano, Theresa Villani

Support Operations
Chairperson: Alexander Alvarez
Members: Raymond Topoleski, Theresa Villani

Planning and Policy
Chairperson: Tracey Birch
Members: Gregory Martucci, Anthony Wohlrab

Student Judiciary
Chairperson: Theresa Villani
Members: Tracey Birch, Lolita Slater

Reports of Special Committees / Delegates
State Delegate: Raymond Topoleski (Alternate: Theresa Villani)
County Delegate: TBD
Ed. Services Commission: John Kolibas, Anthony Wohlrab (Alternate: Theresa Villani)

**Ad Hoc Committees**

Attorney Committee
John Kolibas, Gregory Martucci

Negotiations Committee
Raymond Topoleski, Tracey Birch, Gregory Martucci, Theresa Villani

EST for Parents
Tracey Birch, Dawn Beviano, Gregory Martucci, Theresa Villani

EST for Students (H.S.)
Tracey Birch, Gregory Martucci

EST for Students (M.S.)
Raymond Topoleski, Gregory Martucci, Anthony Wohlrab

EST for Special Education
Gregory Martucci