Superintendent/Attorney (agenda items requiring a vote)

Curriculum and Instruction
Chairperson: Dawn Beviano
Members: Sheenaider Guillaume, Elizabeth Welsh

Management Operations
Chairperson: Theresa Villani
Members: Dawn Beviano, Gregory Martucci

Support Operations
Chairperson: Gregory Martucci
Members: Tracey Birch, Katarzyna Kozak

Planning and Policy
Chairperson: Ahmed Shehata
Members: Katarzyna Kozak, Elizabeth Welsh

Student Judiciary
Chairperson: Tracey Birch
Members: Ahmed Shehata, Theresa Villani

Reports of Special Committees / Delegates
State Delegate: Raymond Topoleski (Alternate: Theresa Villani)
County Delegate: TBD
Ed. Services Commission: Sheenaider Guillaume, Katarzyna Kozak

**Ad Hoc Committees**

Attorney Committee
Chairperson: Tracey Birch
Members: Gregory Martucci, Elizabeth Welsh

Negotiations Committee
Chairperson: Theresa Villani
Members: Sheenaider Guillaume, Katarzyna Kozak

Insurance Committee
Chairperson: Dawn Beviano
Members: Katarzyna Kozak, Theresa Villani

Security Committee
Chairperson: Theresa Villani
Members: Tracey Birch, Sheenaider Guillaume, Ahmed Shehata

EST for Parents
Chairperson: Tracey Birch

EST for Students (H.S.)
Chairperson: Tracey Birch

EST for Students (M.S.)
Members: Gregory Martucci, Sheenaider Guillaume

EST for Special Education
Members: Gregory Martucci