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Linden Board of Education has 5 medical and prescription plans through Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield of NJ, and 2 dental plans, Horizon Dental Option plan and Dental Group of NJ (limited network). Per New Jersey law effective May 28, 2010 (Chapter 78, P.L. 2011), all employees are required to contribute towards the cost of the medical and prescription plans. Contributions are based on the salary tables established by the State of New Jersey. As of July 1, 2014, all employees contribute at year 4 percentage of premium. Employee contributions are made on a pre-tax basis.

Once Open Enrollment Ends: 
When Can You Change Your Benefits?

Major Life Events

Outside of the annual open enrollment period, an employee may change an enrollment election (i.e., add or delete dependents, change level of coverage) only if there has been a “major life event.”

The following are considered qualifying events:

• Marriage, Civil Union partner or divorce /dissolution of marriage or civil union
• Birth or adoption of a child by the employee
• Termination of employment (or commencement of employment) of the employee’s spouse
• The Spouse/partner has a significant change in employment status
• Taking an unpaid leave of absence by the employee or the employee’s spouse
• You waive medical coverage for yourself or your family members because of other health-care coverage—and you lose that other coverage for certain reasons.
• An enrolled family member dies.

Click here for detailed for more information on how to process a change in status due to a Major Life Event.


Employee Insurance Forms

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical/Rx Plan Summaries of Coverage

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Dental Plan Options


Benefit Resource Medical and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

Annual Notices of Health Benefit Rights Under Federal Law


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Horizon Medical Benefit and Claims: (800) 355-2583/Group Number: 086479

Horizon Dental Benefit and Claims: (800) 433-6825/Group Number: 096702

Pharmacy Benefits, Prime Therapeutics: (800) 370-5088

Dental Group of NJ: (908) 925-6022

Benefit Resource Customer Service: (800) 473-9595

Benefits Coordinator: Taryn Ragonese-Carlson

(908) 486-2800 x8023/

Health Insurance Broker: Brown & Brown Metro

Colleen Coyle: (973) 549-1968/

Dawn Scoblete: (973) 531-2067/

Claim Issues: Sandy Klarfeld: (973) 549-1916/