The Linden Public Schools may catch you by surprise. You might not expect so many high quality programs packed into a comprehensive school district located in urban New Jersey. But Linden does have a wide range of programs meeting the needs of over 6,200 students. Consider here some of the reasons.

In the Linden Public Schools, all students are afforded the opportunity for a first-rate education. No student or parent ever need think that they can get a better education elsewhere. Linden High School’s valedictorian for the class of 2004 now attends Princeton University. Linden High School is affiliated with the International Baccalaureate Organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, and runs a Diploma Program in 11th and 12th grade. Linden has the rigorous academic programs, Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12, which propels students towards high achievement. And yet, there is so much more.

It is the aim of the Linden Public Schools to prepare students for the world in which they will live. To that end, Linden High School has a multitude of career programs in the arts, engineering, business, industry and service. These courses are taken by all types of students and represent a commitment by Linden to keep meaningful career courses in the high school. Linden High School is particularly proud of its commitment to community service. It has been designated a Blue Ribbon School for its Learn and Serve program, and its Navy Junior ROTC program has won distinction year after year for running a high quality citizenship program. For students struggling to meet high standards, Linden has a robust system of remedial support including after school tutoring and test preparation classes. For students with special needs or those likely to achieve better outside the traditional classroom, the Linden Public School has the programs to meet those student needs as well.

Such success does not just happen; it is built over a long period of time. At the elementary level the Linden Public Schools offer half-day Pre-Kindergarten classes and full day Kindergarten. This gets our students off to a fast start in their intellectual development. The elementary grades are grounded with scientifically-proven languagearts programs and standards-based mathematics curriculum. The district has a major Reading First Grant as part of No Child Left Behind. Linden elementary students are well prepared in science through the use of inquiry-based, hands-on science kits that get kids involved in their learning. The elementary program also includes a full treatment of art, music, and world language programs in Spanish and Italian, as well as a high-quality gifted and talented program for the most able of our students.

At the middle school level the Linden Public Schools has taken a major initiative to improve mathematics and science instruction. The district is part of a National Science Foundation grant, partnering with Kean University, Educational Testing Service, the Merck Institute for Science Education and three other districts to pool resources and work collaboratively. The middle school has also seen improvement in the amount of electives offered in world language, drama, art, music, computers and technology. All   programs are connected to similar courses of study at the high school, including feeder programs for a full array of interscholastic varsity sports teams.

     The Linden Public Schools have buildings that are clean, well-equipped and safe. The district keeps a special relationship with the City of Linden government. Many of the over 940 teachers and staff live in the City of Linden, or went to school in Linden themselves. Teachers in Linden are friendly, competent, and concerned about the educational welfare of their students. They teach all students, regardless of background, with a sincere sense of purpose. In Linden, we want all of our kids to succeed.

The operating budget of the Linden Public Schools is over 74 million dollars. The district has steadily built new classrooms to meet a growing enrollment and has many additional plans ready for the near future.

The Linden Public Schools proudly serve a diverse community. Those that live in Linden are not surprised about the quality of our schools. They already know it.

For those parents considering moving to Linden, we encourage you to come and look at our schools. You will find buildings bursting with dedicated teachers, using innovative methods to ensure all students succeed. We promise that you won’t be surprised for long.