2013-2014 District Goals

1. Instruction: Continue to align instruction and curriculum to the Common Core Standards at all grade levels. District administration will increase teacher observations to help improve instruction and drive professional development needs. The Superintendent will implement new Principal Evaluation system with a focus on improving student achievement. The district will involve multiple stakeholders to investigate and select a new elementary Language Arts curriculum for implementation in the 2014-15 school year. The district will form committees in the various academic disciplines to research electronic textbooks and their implementation within our curriculum.

2. Technology: Implement a one to one technology program utilizing Mac Airbooks in grades 3 – 8 to increase student achievement. This initiative will prepare our students to be college and career ready and allow all students to reach their highest potential. By June of 2014, all teachers will be thoroughly trained in the use of the latest instructional technology.

3. Assessment: Improve test scores on all state-administered assessments (NJ ASK, HSPA, in all schools, for all grade levels, and in all demographic categories. Increase the amount of students participating in rigorous International Baccalaureate classes at the high school level.

4. Security: Maintain a safe and secure learning environment, including physical security, facility safety and a reduction in the amount of violence, vandalism, and harassment, intimidation, and bullying through various school based positive behavior programs and initiatives.

5. Finance: Operate the district in an efficient and effective manner, ensuring fiscal prudence and proper allocation of resources to the various educational programs. During the 2013-14 school year, the Superintendent will propose a budget for the 2014-15 school year that meets or is below the established 2% cap.

6. Public Relations: Continue to establish multiple means of communicating with parents and community members through automated calls, website, Facebook and Twitter. The district will also create a parent email database and listserv to increase electronic notifications from the district and individual schools.