2017-2018 District Goals

 1. Curriculum and Instruction: To improve the academic achievement of students in all grade levels, and in all demographic categories, by promoting comprehensive data review and analysis. Through professional development, the district will continue to strengthen reflective practices of classroom teachers through the examination of disaggregated data. A network of support to promote reflective practices will be established through the continuation of Instructional Leadership Teams, the development of Professional Learning Communities, and the support of Instructional Coaches and Department Chairpersons.

 2. Professional Development: Continue to utilize the Professional Development Resource Center (PDRC) for teachers and staff to participate in relevant, meaningful, professional learning opportunities that are driven by district and individual needs.

 3. Technology: Continue our Technology One-to-One Program and expand the use of online curricular components in all academic areas. In addition, the district will increase the educational technology course selections for students and infuse iPad technology in grades K-2. The role of the Technology Vanguard Teachers will be expanded to include providing professional development, overseeing the Apple Certification process for teachers, and the Future Ready Schools program.

 4. Security: Maintain a safe and secure learning environment, including physical security, facility safety, and a reduction in the amount of violence, vandalism, and harassment, intimidation and bullying, through various school-based positive behavior programs and initiatives.

 5. Finance: Operate the district in an efficient and effective manner, ensuring fiscal prudence and proper allocation of resources to the various educational programs. Central Administration will continue to seek avenues to contain and/or reduce costs of all school district expenses to best represent the interests of our taxpayers, while providing quality educational programs for our students. During the 2017-2018 school year, the superintendent will propose a budget for the 2018-2019 school year that meets, or is below, the established 2% cap.