2019-2020 District Goals

1. Student Achievement: Support student growth and academic achievement through the

implementation of a Response to Intervention model. Maintain standards of data analysis

with a targeted focus on the refinement of curriculum, instructional practices and

professional development. Increase vertical and horizontal articulation through internal

and external rounds. Continue the implementation of Professional Learning

Communities. Review and evaluate the 2015-2020 District Strategic Plan and develop a

new plan for 2020-2025.

2. Technology: Integrate current and emerging technologies to promote effective teaching

and learning, curricula, programs and communication. Expand the use of online

curricular components and instructional management tools in all academic areas. Fully

implement iPad technology in grades K-5.

3. Community: Develop and strengthen the relationship between the district and community

through effective communication by enhancing the information and resources provided

on the district website and through social media.

4. Security: Maintain a safe and secure learning environment, including physical security

and facility safety with district protocol in place for school visitation. Update school

entry key access systems in all buildings.

5. Finance: Create and maintain a fiscally sound operation that will alleviate financial

pressures and ensure funds are used prudently, efficiently, and are allocated

appropriately. Central Administration will continue to seek avenues to contain and/or

reduce costs of all school district expenses to best represent the interests of our taxpayers,

while providing quality educational programs for our students.

6. Student Wellness: Foster a culture and climate of the importance of student wellness by

continuing the implementation of PBSIS, parent universities, and character education.

The Student Services department in collaboration with district personnel will expand the

focus of social-emotional learning through the use of counseling and various student

services offered to maximize students’ learning potential.