The Instrumental Music curriculum for grades 3-12 encompass many facets of music education. The concepts and skills allow for a well-rounded music education. Experiences are benchmarked for a sequential program in the areas of performance, aesthetics, research and reading.

Grades 3-8

Every elementary and middle school has a choir, band and orchestra. The students perform in at least two concerts a year, the Winter Concert and the Spring Concert. Some school choirs or bands go to local nursing homes to perform, while others take a trip to the local mall to perform. In addition to venturing out of the school for performances, many schools have programs for Veteran’s Day, Arbor Day, an well as other school wide functions.

Instrumental Lessons

Group instrumental lessons are available to students on strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion instruments. Students may enroll in the program as early as third grade and/or grade level thereafter.

Instrumental Ensembles

Band and Orchestra is available on an elective basis to all students. Other groups are formed from the above major ensembles for specialized performances in order to enrich the program: Jazz Band, Chamber Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, etc.

Grades 9-12

High school music students meet once a day for approximately 55 minutes for their designated class. In addition to the regularly scheduled class, additional rehearsal before of after school may become necessary. Special education students are mainstreamed, where appropriate, providing the least restrictive environment. The nature of their program is to provide music experiences that will enhance their growth and development, both physically and verbally, as well as increase their self-esteem.

Throughout the year, high school students are called upon to perform at many different functions both in school and for the community. The band and orchestra perform in at least two formal concerts a year, the Winter Concert and the Spring Concert. In addition to the two school performances, many of the performing groups at Linden High School are called upon to perform for community functions, including the Fall Festival and Tree Lighting ceremony. Many of the local churches, retirement organizations and senior citizen groups also call upon our students to perform during the holiday time, as well as spring time.

All of these performances have one thing in common and that is to develop an appreciation of the arts in our students, as well as our community. The students spend many hours a week learning how to read music and how to sing in a choir and play in a band or orchestra. By performing in these groups, these students are developing a love of music that will last a lifetime. They are also developing enthusiasm, self-confidence, self worth, self-esteem, a wonderful sense of accomplishment and a greater interest and understanding of music.