***These notices are submitted to the Linden Public School District for distribution to our parents and guardians, as most of them benefit our community’s children. However, the Linden Public School District does not endorse any of the activities related to the files. Prior to signing your child up for any of these activities, clubs, or events, it is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to determine the appropriateness of the event. We post these notices as nothing more than a public service.***

Posted May 22: Cheery academy: Register June 17

Posted May 21: Adult and children’s ceramics classes: Register by June 16

Posted May 20: Linden spring playgrounds: May 20 to June 21

Posted May 17: Linden summer day camps: Register by May 31

Posted May 15: Linden Pop Warner football and cheerleading: Register by July 15

Posted May 9: Linden PAL Basketball: Register by June 16

Posted May 2: Linden Family Game Night: May 31

Posted April 30: Linden Library children’s programs: Throughout May

Posted April 25: Summer Arts Institute: Register by June 1

Posted March 5: Spring tennis lessons: May 4 to June 15

Posted March 1: Linden tutoring program: Every Monday

Posted Feb. 25: Lifeguard jobs: Summer 2019

Posted Feb. 19: Champion Youth cheerleading classes: Classes April 22 to July 8

Posted Feb. 8: Institute of Music for Children: Classes February through May

Posted Jan. 17: Linden Library clubs and activities for children: Through May 23