Welcome to the Linden Public Schools Nurses’ Page. This page has been designed as a tool to enhance communication by providing parents and families of our school community with relevant information regarding health topics. The page also contains links to Linden Public Schools district forms and outside resources that may be of assistance to you. Linden Public Schools employs 16 school nurses who serve the 12 schools in the district as well as Central Registration. As health professionals, we are dedicated to providing your child with a safe and healthy school environment in which to learn and grow. Additionally, we will work with you to ensure that your child is on the road to optimum health and wellness. We hope you find this page helpful and as always, your feedback is most appreciated.

Nurses Daily Schedule 2020-2021 (28.5 KiB)

Joyce Hirsch, R.N., Head Nurse LAST
Nornette Jacobs R.N. LHS
Diane Smith, R.N. LHS
Tara McCarthy, R.N. Soehl
Colleen DeMartinis, R.N. McManus
Candace Wegrzynek, R.N. #1
James Warner, R.N. #2
Digna Aguirre, R.N. #4
Colleen Goeller, R.N. PDRC/Central
Aliyyah Shahamat, R.N. #5
Elizabeth Radil, R.N. #6
Rebecca Kolar, R.N. #8
Stella Zatko, R.N. #9
Louisa Grossi, R.N. #10


Helpful Health Information

Prevention and Management of Bed Bugs Guidelines (1.9 MiB)

Clinic Referral Information (21.7 KiB)

Dental Clinic Referral Information (467.8 KiB)

Prescription Medication Referral Information (366.0 KiB)