Students attending the ESL Summer Enrichment Program at School No. 9 completed their Summer Reading Projects and learned one of Life's valuable lessons, the enormous persuasive power of their words.
When student Justina Anitului asked her ESL teacher Mrs. Orelien-Armstead if they could present their Summer Reading projects outside, instead of giving a "yes' or "no" answer, Mrs. Orelien-Armstead seized the opportunity to teach her class about persuasive writing. First students debated the issue and then wrote a persuasive paragraph convincing her why she should agree to allow them to present their reading projects outside.
After carefully analyzing students' writing, Mrs. Orelien-Armstead agreed and students successfully presented their reading projects to their peers outside. At the end of the lesson, she reminded all her students that words have power. They must choose them carefully and use them wisely.

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Students in Mrs. Danie Orelien-Armstead's ESL Summer Enrichment class at School No. 9 had fun pretending to be shark scientists studying sharks in their natural habitat. Students put on their scuba diving suits and explored the world of Hammerhead Sharks and Whale Sharks. They documented their facts and presented their findings to their classmates.

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On July 6, 2015, School Nine proudly opened its doors and welcomed parents and students to its annual ESL Summer Enrichment Program. Parents had an opportunity to learn about the program and meet the staff: Principal-Richard Molinaro, Supervisor- Mrs. Paternostro, ESL Teacher- Mrs. Orelien-Armstead, Teacher Assistant- Ingrid Gomez and Secretary-Mary Ann Pirozzoli. According to Mrs. Armstead, School 9 is committed to meeting the academic and social needs of English Language Learners through rigorous English classes, focusing on a different theme each year. This past summer, the theme was Health and Nutrition. This year the Summer Enrichment Program will focus on Ocean Animals to supplement English Language Acquisition. Students will engage in content- rich, fun group authentic activities and learning centers to improve their reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. By the end of the program, ESL students will have successfully completed their summer readings and projects.

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On behalf of the Friends of the Linden Public Library:

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Linden Public Schools added 384 new photos to the album: Linden High School Graduation 2015.

Linden High School Graduation 2015

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LHS Students Serve as Ambassadors for the Juvenile Justice System’s, Celebration of Womanhood Conference

On May 30th, 11 Linden High School Students served as Junior Female Ambassadors for the New Jersey Juvenile Justice Systems, Celebration of Womenhood Conference held at the Renaissance Hotel, Newark Airport in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Prior to the conference, the grant recipient, “The United Way of Greater Eastern County”, conducted conference planning and training sessions with the female ambassadors in preparation for the yearly conference crowd that provides workshops and guest speakers for approximately 300 female juveniles.

During conference training sessions, the JFA’s learn to work with a diverse group of peers while planning workshops and activities that will help other young females develop self-confidence, set goals, avoid pitfalls and strengthen skills to overcome obstacles. This year’s theme was, “Healthy Women are Leaders and Super Achievers”. Guest speakers included, Assembly woman. Annette Quijano, and Kym Hampton, former professional basketball star and first round draft pick for the WNBA during the first year of the formation of the New York Liberty basketball team. During the conference, Youth for United Way and Learn and Serve Coordinator, Esther Paden was honored by the conference hosts for her dedication to the conference and for bringing the largest number of Linden High School participants for the past 5 years. This year, more than 30 Linden High School students attended the Celebration of Womanhood conference. Junior Female Ambassadors from Linden High School pictured below:

Allise Paredes, Shannia Jaimangal, Skylar Little, Destiny Davis, Ariana Moore, Jada Yarborough, Barakat Oshodi
Elvinia Joseph, Nyssa Joseph, Jayla Harris, Lexis Rodriguez

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Linden High School Students Serve as Prom Escorts for Cerebral Palsy League Prom

During the month of May, 25 Linden High School Learn and Serve volunteers, along with student athletes and ROTC cadets, served as prom escorts for our community partners attending Jardine Academy’s annual prom. This year, Jardine Academy’s all-purpose room was turned into a nautical setting that set the stage for a great time for all participants. Students laughed, danced and had a great time. Linden High School’s, Youth for United Way program begin serving as volunteers in 1990 and as an extension of the program, Learn and Serve has continued the practice in 1994. Advisor and program coordinator for both programs is Ms. Paden.

This year's LHS student volunteers:
Row 1(L-R):
Brianna Small, Ayanna Brant, Judy St. Florrant, Shannia Jaimangal, Alicia Persuad, Heavyn Fdyfil, Zahra Banks, Ayyanna Barnes, Asiya LaPierre, Netayah Bland
Back Row(L-R):
Lenard Torrijos, Jonathan Claudio, Michael Medina, Donald Baskerville, Otis Liivingston, Khalief Crawford, Tamir Hinton, Drulissa Desire, Jazmine Carey, Shakirah Bolden(not pictured)

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When Linden High School’s, “Youth for United Way” club discovered that domestic violence occurs every 7 minutes in the state of New Jersey and that women are victims, 76% of the time, club officers, decided it was time to educate the high school community. Domestic violence destroys entire families and
“Youth for United Way” has committed to a two-year fundraising and educational awareness project with the YWCA of Union County. During the month of May, Lillian Ribeiro, Community Educator for the YWCA provided two days of domestic violence awareness training to health classes in the Media Center at Linden High School. Domestic violence pictures were gathered by United Way members and posters were created by United Way member, Deyna Tello with help from graphic design teacher, Ms. Heffernan-Louka. Ms. Paden, Youth for United Way advisor, began working with United Way members and Learn and Serve seniors on a fundraising awareness campaign that will continue throughout next year. The goal is to raise $500 for the Domestic Violence Shelter of Union County before the end of the 2016 school year.

Pictured Below:(L-R)
Lillian Ribeiro,(YWCA), Shannia Jaimangal, secretary , Deyna Tello(member,artist) and Luxnarder Exume, president.

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