At the October Board of Education meeting, School No. 6 students Molly McDonald and Amare Grissett were recognized for winning the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection 2016 Recycling Poetry Contest. These two Linden students were 2 winners out of 4,000 entries. The Superintendent of Schools Dr. Danny A. Robertozzi and the Linden Board of Education congratulate these young writers.

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School No. 8 students, faculty, and staff honored their Hometown Heroes of the Linden Police Department by making cards, letters, posters, and sharing treats; additionally, the students and staff lined the hallways of School Eight for a clap out, where everyone gave high fives, cheers, handshakes, and hugs to heroes Officer Peter Hammer and Officer Angel Padilla, and Officer Paul Zack who represented all the heroic officers of the Linden Police Department. The officers were so kind and very appreciative, and everything that was made is now being displayed at the Linden Police Department, alongside cards and posters from other Linden students. As our staff poster says, "From Our Family to Yours", School Eight is grateful for everyone at the Linden Police Department!!

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Students at School No. 8 were engaged in a very informative presentation by Mrs. Acevedo for Hispanic Heritage Month. Mrs. Acevedo is a school aide at School 8 and shared some interesting facts, beloved traditions and beautiful articles that represent Hispanic culture. The students not only enjoyed the presentation, but connected with it personally because of their own diverse culture. Mrs. Acevedo conveyed to the students the pride she has in her Hispanic heritage and her presentation made them feel the same pride for their own culture.

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With the win over New Providence yesterday, the Linden Tigers Girls Volleyball Team earned themselves the right to be called the Union County Conference Mountain Division Champions. We wish them the best of luck moving forward as they enter into Union County Tournament action Wednesday 10/19 at 4pm in the LHS Gymnasium. They will face off against the Plainfield Cardinals in the opening round. Go Tigers!

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In recognition of Fire Prevention month, members of the Linden City Fire Department visit Linden Public Schools to education the students on what to do in a fire and how to prevent a fire. Linden Firefighters are great at teaching the children not to be afraid of firefighters. Oftentimes, a child will panic and hide during a fire, so the goal is to show them that firefighters are real people who are they to help them and will look different than they look when they first arrive at the school. Linden Public School students learn about safety awareness tips and received hands-on and up-close-and-personal look at the fire truck and the tools used to fight fires. They also watched a demonstration of a firefighter suiting up, just like they do at the station during an emergency call. This educational interaction allow the children to be less frightened of the gear and get familiarized with what emergency services would look like through the chaos of an actual emergency. Specifically, Linden Firefighters teach the students how to get out and stay out of the house if there’s a fire; never go back in even if you’re worried about your homework; to stop, drop and roll if clothes are on fire; to call 9-1-1 in an emergency; and what a firefighter in full gear looks like. Linden Public Schools, along with the City of Linden believe that learning about the firefighters and the operations of the Linden Fire Department , is not only entertaining for the children, but will help them if a real emergency were to occur at their homes. Helping the community and the families prepare for an unforeseen event such as a fire in their home can encourage them to practice safe habits and become more aware of what they can do in their everyday lives to prevent a tragedy. Tis’ the season to change your batteries!!!

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Linden Public Schools added 33 new photos to the album: LHS Homecoming 2016.

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Linden Public Schools added 47 new photos to the album: LHS Pep Rally 2016.

LHS Pep Rally 2016

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October is breast cancer awareness month, and the students in Mrs. Kim Kefalas's 3rd grade class know how important that is since their teacher is a stage 3 breast cancer survivor. When the children started seeing pink everywhere, Mrs. Kefalas explained why. The class started wearing pink to school on Friday and calling it "Pink Friday", but they wanted to help in other ways.
Mrs. Kim Kefalas informed the class of an organization called Girls Love Mail. Girls Love Mail is a charity that collects hand-written letters of encouragement, bundles them, and sends them, via the caring staff at cancer centers and programs, to women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Girls Love Mail was founded in 2011 by Gina Mulligan, a 47-year-old novelist from Folsom, California, who waged her own fight with breast cancer. The organization was recognized on the Today show in June and also in People Magazine.
Once hearing about the purpose of the organization, the 3rd grade students got right to work making handmade cards with the hope of brightening someone's day. Students were overheard saying, "I hope she likes mine." The messages were very sweet and uplifting and included things like, "You are beautiful and I hope you get better soon." These letters will be mailed upon completion and a thank you letter will be sent from the organization which will be proudly displayed in the classroom.

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