Flash mob kicks off school year in Linden

Motivational speaker Mark Anthony Garrett tells story about how a teacher saved his life

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Linden teachers kick-off school year with flashmob

Linden teachers and students join superintendent of schools Danny Robertozzi in a flashmob during the district's opening ceremony for staff. STAFF VIDEO BY JASON TOWLEN

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Linden teachers and students join Superintendent of Schools Dr. Danny Robertozzi in a flash mob during the district's opening ceremony for staff.

Linden High School District Launch Dance Flash Mob Video 2015

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On Friday, the Linden HS Marching Band wrapped up their 3 weeks of summer rehearsals with their annual band camp show. The band will be seen performing their show "Nevermore" at numerous competitions throughout the fall and all LHS varsity football games.

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On August 27th Linden High School NJROTC cadets Jon Graca, Alaziah Campbell, Kieran Cannady, Jonathan Berrios, Evelyn Sorrano, Brendon Birch, Kyle Grunder, Juan Montes, Jon Marte and Zachary Percoskie assisted in cleaning up Martin Luther King park in the 4th Ward of Linden with Councilman Mr. Monty Brooks.

The color guard of the Linden High School NJROTC was present for the Rolling Thunder from last Saturday at Aviation Plaza.

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The Linden Public School District is proud to congratulate Marie Stefanick, Director of Special Education, on the successful defense of her dissertation at Kean University. Her dissertation is entitled: "The Relationship Between Gender, Race, Socioeconomic Status, and Major Disciplinary Infractions with Referrals for Special Education Classification in a Central NJ School District." As a result of her successful defense, she is now Dr. Marie Stefanick. Congratulations!

Her dissertation committee is pictured from Left to Right: Dr. Tomazic, Dr. Callahan, Dr. Stefanick, and Dr. Ramaswami.

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LHS NJROTC Cadets assisted the Naval Science Instructors last week as the unit conducted orientation for the incoming freshmen class of cadets. Orientation consisted of classroom sessions, physical training and team building exercises. The activities culminated with a car wash fundraiser, which was a success!

Principal Mrs. Yelena Horre addressed the incoming freshmen cadets prior to the car wash!

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On August 9th several of our Italian Service Learning students participated in Vallata's hysterical Parade of Battaglia di Chianchione. This annual parade is celebrated in remembrance of the innocent civilians of Vallata that were lost in the tragic attack of 1496. Students wore traditional costumes which resembled the attire of that time period and participated in a procession throughout the town.

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