Mayor Derek Armstead Rewarded the Soehl Middle School Mayor's Cup Challenge Winners with a Special Breakfast
This past year marked Soehl Middle School’s 6th annual Mayor’s Cup Challenge. Each year, Soehl invites its students, who are looking to go above and beyond their already rigorous workload, to take part in one or all three of the annual Academic Team Competitions. To spice up the competitions even further, Soehl has partnered with the Mayor of Linden to give the winning teams of the first two competitions a rare opportunity – to have a champions match up in front of their mayor. Last November’s tournament was won by 8th graders Katelynn Mejia, Gana Mukhtar, Gannat Mukhtar, and Julissa Vyajkora. January’s competition was won by 7th graders Iyana Jones, Ethan Martinez, Roberto Meadows, Cassie Orcutt, and Alexander Roque. In the twenty question, Mayor’s Cup Challenge, it was the group of 8th graders who pulled off a victory and were handed the school’s top trophy by Mayor Derek Armstead. Right after that competition was completed, the Mayor shared with the students that he enjoyed the experience so much that he wanted to invite them to an end-of-the-school year breakfast to hear all about how the rest of their school year went after their victories in the academic competitions. (From June, pictured is Mayor Derek Armstead and the victorious students enjoying breakfast and reminiscing about the school year.)

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Linden High School Njrotc Car Wash Fundraiser

Linden High School Njrotc Car Wash Fundraiser

Please come out for the Linden H.S. Navy JROTC car wash fundraiser. Your support of our dedicated JROTC cadets would be greatly appreciated!

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If you were to ask Victoria Szaro who recently graduated from School No. 9 this past June, “What does she want to be when she grows up? “ Her response would be, “a teacher.” Victoria started volunteering to help students in need from the time she was in Kindergarten. She spent her final year planning and organizing a special lesson on plant life with the assistance and guidance of ESL teacher Mrs. Danie Orelien-Armstead for the first grade ESL classes at School No. 9. Victoria’s passion for teaching at such an early age has not only planted the seed of love of learning; but she has inspired other students from her class to follow her lead, just like the seeds in the book, Together We Will All Grow, Bloom and Succeed. Victoria will be missed by the ESL staff and students at School No. 9. �

Students pictured:

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Have you ever thought about becoming a host family for an high school exchange student? If so, now's your chance! Hosting an Exchange Student can be both a rewarding and an interesting experience. The requirements are basic: a bedroom, 3 meals a day and some companionship. You will have the chance to help the students experience life in another country. This is also an excellent chance to learn about their country and culture as well.

This year we have two wonderful students who will be attending Linden High School – Maria Luiza from Brazil and Lam from Vietnam.

Maria Luiza is 15 years old and will be going into 10th grade at Linden High School. She is an only child and would love to be in a family that has kids in the high school. She is passionate about drama and theatre and has been attending the American School in her home town. Maria speaks English very well and gets good grades.

Lam is 16 years old and comes from Vietnam. He really wants to come to Linden High School, and on his application selected it as first, second and third choice! He considers himself funny, sociable and friendly. He loves sports and plays soccer, badminton, and basketball. He can’t wait till the first day that he walks into Linden High School. Help make his dreams come true!

There is a monthly stipend of $800 to help offset the costs of hosting a student.

If you are interested please message Carolyn Resnek, Regional Manager (and long time host parent!) at text: 617-283-0382 or email�

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As an integral part of the ESL summer enrichment program, K-5 students traveled to Linden’s own Hawk Rise Sanctuary to continue learning about plant and animal life and how all of it comes together to form a unique ecosystem. During this self-guided tour, students utilized the unique StoryWalks™ which leads you along the easy-to-follow paths at Hawk Rise while you read along to a story page-by-page. Students enjoyed the day connecting their lessons during the ESL summer enrichment program to the birds, turtles, frogs, salamanders and small mammals of the Hawk Rise Sanctuary.

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The 21st Century Summer STEM Academy has collaborated with the Liberty Science Center to offer a ten session Forensics Program entitled "Crack the Case." Staff from the Liberty Science Center visited the after school program in order to coordinate extended lab workshops to support and enhance the existing STEM curriculum. Students discovered how to collect evidence through real forensic techniques such as blood typing, ballistics, fiber analysis and more. They applied these techniques to investigate a crime scene and solved the case as a culminating event.

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School No. 9 ESL Summer Enrichment Summer Program Explore Linden's Best Kept Secret, Hawk Rise Sanctuary.
For over 60 years, the NJ Audubon has been leading the way in developing and conducting a variety of environment-based programs at Hawk Rise. This summer our ESL students had a great opportunity to participate in a nature walk and bird watching field trip while discovering plant life studied in class" said ESL teacher Mrs. Danie Orelien-Armstead. Many of the students were excited to learn, they too can come with family and friends to learn and explore Hawk Rise located in their own backyard, on their free time.

Yousemite Pierre, Darline Francilus, Andrew Velarde , Aaron Anitului, Christian Sarmiento, Clara Toussaint, Mary Melek, Mariam Melek, Veronica Hana, Erini Hana, Woodley Auciel, Ellis Chen, Elvis Chen, Teacher Assistant Ingrid Gomez

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