At Linden High School, the Friday News Broadcast is called Tiger News Today. The broadcast is produced by Mr. Paskewich’s TV Digital Media class. Each week for the news show, the class comes up with the ideas for the segments and then they go out into the halls and record. Students edit their segment together and come up with a final show. The show is uploaded to Youtube and School Tube where students and staff watch the show during homeroom on Friday morning. The above photo is a behind the scenes look at an interview about students' aspirations for this school year. ​

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The students in Mr. Grasso's Algebra 1 classes worked during the week with similar triangles and solving ratios. To put their knowledge into action, we set up ratios to relate the height and base of a smaller, easily measured, triangle to the height and base of a much larger, similar triangle. In this way, using only our window poles, some string, a 50 foot extension cord, and a tailor's tape, we were able to calculate the heights of Linden High School, our window (Room 310), and the tallest tree outside our window.

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As people enter Linden High School they are quick to see that talent and creativity flows freely throughout the entire building. Artwork is now permanently on display and showcases how truly amazing our students are.​

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Nicole Mo​nzon and Jonathan Romero are signing a banner in Ms. Bonilla's 8th grade Language Arts class. They are recognizing the Linden Police Department in demonstrating bravery and protecting our community. The class is working on making certificates for Officer Padilla and Officer Hammer, as they want to recognize the two officers as "Officers of the Year".

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The Social Studies Department has embraced our new learning management system called Canvas. Many Social Studies teachers have taken the lead in helping other teachers throughout Linden High School. History teachers are actively using it in their classes to enhance learning.

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I​n Mr. Mazurek's World History Class, scholars debated which invention was a more valuable contribution toward the development of humanity - the spear or the (baby) sling. In this introductory unit, we examine how archaeologists, anthropologists, and historians have pieced together the story of us. In this lesson, we examine how bias affects these narratives. Here, the roles of the hunter versus the gatherer, male versus female, were contested. Students collaborated In developing arguments, then cooperated to contest their opposites, in what proved to be very lively dialogue.

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Students from the Spanish exchange program at LHS visit Soehl Middle School to conduct short presentations about their country and interact in a question and answer panel with 7th and 8th grade students in Mrs. Penaranda's Spanish class. Thanks to LHS teachers Elba Ceballo and Megan Romero who accompanied the students on their journey. ​

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