On Wednesday, 11/25, the children in Mrs. Nicole Zambell's Pre-K class at School No. 5 in Linden are preparing a Thanksgiving celebration. The children made pilgrim hats and bonnets to help celebrate the Thanksgiving feast they will have in school. The children read The Story of Thanksgiving By Nancy Skarmeas and spoke about the many things they were thankful for. Some of the things they said included their families, teachers, pets, and friends. The children are excited to continue their learning this week and have a feast of food just like the Pilgrims and Native Americans did many years ago. Linden Public Schools, School No. 5 and Mrs. Nicole Zambell's class wishes everyone a very joyous Thanksgiving!

In group photo: Mrs. Nicole Zambell, Mrs. Barbosa, Herault Halaby, Maliha Manning, Bianca Charles, Racquel Hawkins, Jaylen Watson, Amirrah Saint-Paul, Joshua Andre, Malachi Smallwood, Treyvon Hinton, Caleb Tutu

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Linden Public Schools hosted a VEX IQ Challenge. This is an intensive robotics competition. The VEX IQ Challenge serves as a vehicle for students to develop critical life skills, such as teamwork, leadership and project management. Linden Public Schools has classes in the middle and high school levels that hones these skills through building robots and collaborating with classmates in a pulse-pounding, exciting, non-traditional learning environment. Linden Public Schools provides students with an engaging hands-on learning experience that promotes a passion for science and technology. Linden robotics teachers are Mr. Mark DeCastro who was the host teacher for VEX IQ Challenge and Mr. Ben Mitchell who was the event coordinator. Both teach at Linden Public Schools and instill in our students an appreciation and enthusiasm to pursue science, technology, engineering or mathematics in education and career opportunities.

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In recognition on American Education Week, Linden Public Schools had the honor and privilege of having a WWII and D-Day Veteran Mr. Herman Zeitchik as a guest for the day. He toured the high school he once attended before going off to war. The students of Linden High School held a small assembly and listened to his stories of attending Linden High School as teenager and then leaving school in his Junior year to go off to war. Afterwards, he spent some time with the NJROTC cadets speaking about his time in the military. Mr. Zeitchik finished his day at School No. 10 visiting the "mess hall" as he referred to the cafeteria. As he entered the "mess hall" the students spontaneously saluted him. He went on to visit a math class and participated in an activity where he had to figure out the math code. In his pocket he took out a clicker and explained this was what he used to send codes to his fellow soldiers in his platoon. The students of Linden Public Schools thank all of the Veterans for their service.

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Ivanna Mendez from Mrs. Wille's and Mrs. Nahmias's first grade class at School No. 2 learns how to make corn bread in preparation for the First Grade's annual Thanksgiving Feast being held on November 24, 2015. Ivanna, a newcomer from Ecuador who is in our ESL program, is acquiring invaluable social and instructional language through her exposure to the traditions of the Thanksgiving holiday as it is celebrated in the United States.

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School No. 5 kicked off their new program, "Attendance All Stars" for the 2015 - 2016 school year. This program, put into place by Mr. Cartinella, was developed to promote students to strive to be on time and in school each and every day they can. "We cannot learn, unless we are present!; every minute counts!"
Mr. Cartinella compiles each classrooms overall percentage of being present to school, as well as not tardy for each week, and then at the end of the month the overall percentages are totaled and announced. The class with the best overall attendance is rewarded with a trophy that they hold onto for their winning month. This program has already shown improvements within the classroom, and is developing some fun and friendly competion between classes and grades!

Pictured here is Ms. Pierce's class, the winner amongst the 3rd grades for the month of October.

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The students at School No. 2 participated in the Earth Science Circus presentation. The students that participated were Takia Henderson, Stephen Garcia, and Leoncio Remigio. The presentation was very interactive and a captivating way in which to present different science concepts such as the Water Cycle, and the importance of Recycling.

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2015-2016 Concert / Art Gallery Schedule

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The School No. 1 Fall Festival was held on October 27, 2015. Everyone had a wonderful time. Mr. Bernard does a spooky read with Mrs. Zambell’s Pre-K. Mrs. Rogowski under the balloon arch with Mrs. Walker’s Kindergarten students and fifth graders having fun in the bounce house.

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