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Linden High School Graduation 2015

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School No. 6 K-kids visit Delaire with the friendship quilt that they made with the residents.

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Third grade students from School No. 6 visited City Hall and met with Mayor Armstead to learn about municipal government. They also had an opportunity to learn about the Linden Police Department with Officer Birch and Linden Fire Department with Firefighter Stanley. They learned a lot and had a great time!

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Linden High School Chemistry students in Kelly Gallagher's class went outside on June 16th to use "applied thermodynamics" to make ice cream. The students did some other experiments, demonstrating endothermic and exothermic reactions. This time, we used the process to our own benefit!
According the the Laws of Thermodynamics, the frozen ice cubes will naturally absorb the heat/energy from the room temperature ingredients. However, if we add sodium chloride (table salt) to the ice cubes, it actually lowers the freezing temperature (which is the same reason we salt roads in the winter), forcing even more energy/heat out of the ice cream ingredients.... which is what freezes the cream, sugar & flavoring into creamy delicious ice cream! - they had such a blast, it was the perfect last lab.

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40th Annual All City Music & Art Festival

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Under the guidance of music teacher Lisa Mallick, Schools 4 & 10 have piloted a new music program called "Recorder Karate". The program is being used in 3rd grade music classes as an instructional tool that helps in the understanding of note & rhythm reading. Students learn different songs on the recorder; as the songs increase in difficulty students earn different colored "belts" that are tied onto their recorder. Due to the success of the program it will be implemented district wide next year. Pictured are the School 4 & School 10 third graders performing during concerts put on for their family and friends.

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On Friday, June 12, 2015, third grade students in Mrs. Charles' class celebrated the diversity of their class by holding a multicultural luncheon. This was a culminating activity for their social studies project, where they researched various countries around the world. Students were required to complete a report highlighting the climate, geography, culture, history, government, economy, etc…Additionally, students completed a Power Point presentation, learned how to say a traditional greeting in the language of their chosen country, and performed a song and poem in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, and Norwegian. In attendance were School Two Staff, parents, Board Member Dawn Beviano, and Supervisor of Social Studies, Gregory Grasso.

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On Wednesday, March 25th, 2015 seventeen LHS students of Russian had an opportunity to participate in the NJ Contest of Spoken Russian held at Drew University, Madison, NJ. Our students have won five gold, eleven silver, and one bronze medals.

The State Olympiada of Spoken Russian is a challenging, unique, and enjoyable event for all the students of varying levels, from 1 through 5, a Heritage Learner, and Native Speaker categories.

Throughout the years we have been able to establish an excellent partnership with all NJ high schools that offer Russian as a foreign language. For our excellent performance we have gained trust and respect from national institutions and organizations, such as ACTR and AATSEEL. Our program of the Russian Language has been also recognized by many American universities. Their doors are open for the students who plan to pursue their career in the field of the Russian language and literature. Because of our longtime relationship with Drew University and our excellent achievements, Professor Carol Ueland, the head of the Russian Language Department, is inviting our students to continue studying the language under her supervision.

Congratulations to all the participants!

The students in the photo are (from left to right):
FIRST ROW: Nicole Moreno (S - silver medal), Arinee Brinson (S), Mrs.B.Szulc, Virmari Sanchez (G), Derek Marquez (S), Ricardo Garcia (G), Daniel Serowik (S), Bryan Alarcon (S).
SECOND ROW: Miroslav Forgac (S), Joseph Flemming (B), Naseem Evans (S), Andres Jimenez (S), Edgaras Uchinas (S), Daniel Kratzer (S).
Students missing from the photo: Krystian Gasior (Gold), Darius Karneckij (Gold), Violetta Sitko (Gold), Nelson Valente (Silver).

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Kiwanis Club of Linden honors students from Linden High School, Mother Seton and Roselle Catholic with scholarships and a luncheon.

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Kiwanians presented scholarships to Linden High School students on June 2nd on the awards night.

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