Students in Mrs. Diaz's third grade class at School No. 2 created newsletters on their MacBooks for the character trait of the month, "Caring". Students are incorporating technology into various writing assignments such as the creation of their newsletters.

Pictured from left to right: Shaun Nelson, Damian Flores, Kenny Portela, Alivia Young-Bey, Kayla Smith and Julio Jimenez.

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Third-fifth grade students prepared from January to May to perform their various talents during the School No. 2 talent show. Mr. Sardou directs and organizes the program and many teachers collaborate with him to put this show on. Students and teachers sang, danced, and performed skits and everyone enjoyed the wonderful performances.

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The Pre-K classes at School No. 5 enjoyed a recent trip to the Linden Library. The children listened to stories and learned about what a library is. Mr. Jeff Wayne, of the Linden library, explained how important having a library card is and Ginger Moore, the children's librarian, led the book reading to the children. In addition, the students had a tour of the library. It was a wonderful time and the children really enjoyed it.

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41st Annual All City Art & Music Festival

41st Annual All City Art & Music Festival

Linden Public Schools Fine & Performing Arts Department presents the
featuring performances by the Combined Elementary Schools Chorus, Combined Middle Schools Concert Band, High School Concert Band, and High School Dance Company, plus an Art Gallery showcasing the works of over 400 students from grades K-12

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Team captains Jennifer Regate and Sue Ortiz led the School No. 6 team for the Relay for Life Fundraiser. They raised over $298.00 as a school.

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Fifth grade students from School No. 6 traveled to Hawk Rise Sanctuary to observe plant life and discuss the effects of pollution. Students from Miss Naso and Ms. Lambrakopolous' class had an opportunity to apply some of the concepts they learned in the "Environments" science module in a hands-on way."

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"This Year Flew By and We Learned" is the title of the bulletin board of this class at School No. 2.

They completed a writing activity about what they learned about this year. For example; 3 digit addition, subtraction, measurement, learning sounds to make words, writing sentences with capital letters and end marks, learned how to use evidence to support answers in Reading, how to answer open-ended responses, and how to construct a summary.

Students pictured from left to right:
Jonathan Rioja, Jhonnathan Torres, Daniel Aguilar, Jefferson Duran, Nayara Poemape, Jeremi Sanchez, Amir Rodriguez, Samanta Polakova and Jeremiah Baker-Taylor.

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