On August 27th Linden High School NJROTC cadets Jon Graca, Alaziah Campbell, Kieran Cannady, Jonathan Berrios, Evelyn Sorrano, Brendon Birch, Kyle Grunder, Juan Montes, Jon Marte and Zachary Percoskie assisted in cleaning up Martin Luther King park in the 4th Ward of Linden with Councilman Mr. Monty Brooks.

The color guard of the Linden High School NJROTC was present for the Rolling Thunder from last Saturday at Aviation Plaza.

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The Linden Public School District is proud to congratulate Marie Stefanick, Director of Special Education, on the successful defense of her dissertation at Kean University. Her dissertation is entitled: "The Relationship Between Gender, Race, Socioeconomic Status, and Major Disciplinary Infractions with Referrals for Special Education Classification in a Central NJ School District." As a result of her successful defense, she is now Dr. Marie Stefanick. Congratulations!

Her dissertation committee is pictured from Left to Right: Dr. Tomazic, Dr. Callahan, Dr. Stefanick, and Dr. Ramaswami.

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LHS NJROTC Cadets assisted the Naval Science Instructors last week as the unit conducted orientation for the incoming freshmen class of cadets. Orientation consisted of classroom sessions, physical training and team building exercises. The activities culminated with a car wash fundraiser, which was a success!

Principal Mrs. Yelena Horre addressed the incoming freshmen cadets prior to the car wash!

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On August 9th several of our Italian Service Learning students participated in Vallata's hysterical Parade of Battaglia di Chianchione. This annual parade is celebrated in remembrance of the innocent civilians of Vallata that were lost in the tragic attack of 1496. Students wore traditional costumes which resembled the attire of that time period and participated in a procession throughout the town.

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The Italian Service Learning students enjoyed a day at the Amalfi Coast this week. We started our day with a breath taking boat ride from Salerno to Amalfi Coast. From there we spent some time exploring the area and even visited a near by volcanic ash beach. Our final tour of the day included visiting the Villa Cimbrone, a historic building in Ravello. From the Terrace of Infinity in the Villa Cimbrone we were able to see the Bay of Salerno and the mountainous coastline as it drops down to the Mediterranean Sea. This sight is one of the most beautiful panoramas on the Amalfi Coast.

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Linden ESL Summer School students discover NJ history while visiting Sandy Hook Lighthouse & Fort Hancock
On July 27, 2015 students visited the nation’s oldest continuously operated lighthouse that has been guiding ships into New York Harbor since 1764. Gateway National Recreational Park Rangers guided our students through both the Sandy Hook Lighthouse and Fort Hancock, which are part of Gateway National Recreational Area. Students not only visited the lighthouse, but also walked though Mortar Battery, an extensive tunnel system that was meant for storage of guns and ammunition and provided coastal defense for New York Harbor from 1895 until 1974.

Pictured: (from left to right)
Bottom Row: Westanley James Jasmin, Erica Mondesir, Marie D’Haiti, Queenie DeLeon, Witney Estevez, Alia Ali, Renaldine Ali, Ronald Matos, Beatriz Rivas, and Gelis Tigre.
Top Row: Park Ranger, Sara Sharoupin, Jameson Lorjuste, Loveline Jean Charles, Jon Marte, Roselande Thomas, Djirault Norzile, Gladimy Jean Charles, Jasline Jasmin, Wilfredo Yanes, Muca Thomas, Mrs. Anna Zolotucha-Skiba, Mr. William Simonitis, Mackenley Jasmin, Ms. Susana Garcia, Dat Vo, and Miguel Martinez.

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ESL Summer School participants invited different guests from various professions to their Career Fair Day held on July 28, 2015. Students had many opportunities to learn about all types of different careers thanks to 10 speakers taking time out of their busy schedule to speak to them. Not only were they able to explore multiple careers by asking questions in an interactive way, but also they were given a glimpse into what the future might have in store for them.

Pictured: (from left to right):
Front Row: Miguel Martinez, Westanley James Jasmin, Mayloody Sauveur, Muca Thomas, Ronald Matos, Sara Sharoupin, Beatriz Rivas, Gelis Tigre, Candida Mendoza, Wilfredo Yanes, and Danie Orelien (teacher).
Back Row: Captain Jonathon Parham (police department), Mackenley Jasmin, Gladimy Jean Charles, Jasline Jasmin, LT Ronald Montes de Ocha (fire department), Erica Mondesir, Chief Joseph G. Dooley (fire department), Marie D’Haiti, Jon Marte, Djirault Norzile, Erick Paredes, Mayor Derek Armstead, Roselande Thomas, Loveline Jean Charles, Joyce Hirsch (head nurse), Laurie Juliano (LHS guidance counselor), Violetta Puszczalo (custodian), Gary Mazurek (teacher & LEA representative) and Javier Bentancur (custodian).

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Sandy Hook Lighthouse & Fort Hancock Field Trip

Park Rangers guided students to the most strategic parts of the Mortar Battery and explained to them how New York harbor defended itself from any possible invasions.

Pictured: Ronald Matos, Mackenley Jasmin, Jameson Lorjuste, Westanley James Jasmin, Park Ranger, Miguel Martinez, and Djirault Norzile.

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