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The School No. 1 Fall Festival was held on October 27, 2015. Everyone had a wonderful time. Mr. Bernard does a spooky read with Mrs. Zambell’s Pre-K. Mrs. Rogowski under the balloon arch with Mrs. Walker’s Kindergarten students and fifth graders having fun in the bounce house.

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In honor of American Education Week, School No. 4 invited parents, their children, and the faculty to join in a celebratory breakfast. This is a time when we recognize not only the School No. 4 staff, but the entire community because each of us contribute so richly to our students' development. Pictured left to right Ariana Houghton, Mrs. Houghton, Kevin Houghton and Mr. Houghton Picture 2: left to right Joseph Boyd, Jaedyn Boyd, Mrs. Boyd, Jaylah Boyd, Ms. Villegas, and Daniel Quiceno

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Students in Mrs. Mulroe's 3rd grade class at School No. 9 read The Harvest Birds. They discussed the elements of a summary. Then, made book jackets to represent the story. Pictured are Sophia Szlachta and Noah Pinzon with their book jackets.

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The Linden Board of Education, faculty, staff, and students, send our thoughts and prayers to the people of France. Our hearts are with the people in Paris,our partner school Lycée Robespièrre-Arras, the victims, and their loved ones.

The Linden High School French Exchange students recently hosted students from Lycée Robespièrre -Arras. The bond that was formed is unbreakable. Our Linden High School French Exchange students gather on the steps of Linden High School to show support for our partner school Lycée Robespièrre -Arras after the deadly attacks in Paris. We mourn with you and stand by you.

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On Wednesday November 18, 2015 Ms. Goncalves' and Ms. Silva's Law and Government class traveled to Linden City Hall. Students met with the Linden Police Department to discuss the different aspect of police work as well as the varied paths to becoming a police officer. Students also toured the police station and got to see the SWAT team truck and a patrol vehicle. After touring the Police Department, students had the privilege to tour various City Hall facilities and the Mayor’s office. Students returned to the classroom to discuss the importance of policing and the roles of law enforcement in their community.

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Deerfield School 9 K-Kids, in conjunction with the Linden Library, collected Halloween candy to send (from Ft. Drum, New York) to soldiers stationed in Iraq. 24 boxes were shipped to Nicholas Mauro and his fellow soldiers. School 9 wishes them well and hope they remain safe.

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McManus Middle School Chinese class students have a lot of fun through their World Language learning journey. On the fourth day of the 2nd marking period rotation, 6th grade students taking Chinese class, made puppet show videos as their greeting presentation.


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