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Linden High School Principal Yelena Horre and NJROTC students welcome the NAVY to Tiger Stadium to celebrate Fleet Week 2015! #fleetweek


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Linden High School is proud to recognize the accomplishments of our forty-five students who have earned the Seal of Biliteracy. This is the second year Linden High School students have received this national honor. To be able to obtain this distinction, students must demonsitrate fluency and literacy skills in more than one language. This year's recipients were recognized for their respective proficiencies in Chinese, French, German, Haitian Creole, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish. The Seal of Biliteracy will be reflected on each student's transcript and they may include this in their future college or career applications.

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This week, over 300 selected students at Linden High School , Soehl, and McManus Middle School are in the midst of taking an on-line, computer adaptive test that will measure their proficiency in the various World Languages that they are studying. The STAMP Test (Standards Based Measurement of Proficiency) will give students the opportunity to demonstrate their language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. The detailed reporting provided by test results will help to measure student growth and program effectiveness, as well as inform professional development and curriculum changes.

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Linden teacher Mark C. Kohut is excited and proud to add “author/illustrator” to his life long relationship and career with the arts. Mark is a veteran elementary fine arts teacher, currently serving 12 years in the Linden Public School district. He holds an associate degree in marketing art and design, a bachelor’s degree in art education, and graduate credits in print making. He’s earned several honors, including the Middlesex County College award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in Advertising Graphics and the 2006 Union County Teacher Recognition award. Mark is passionately dedicated to the arts, devoting his life to creativity, teaching, and performing live music. The inspiration for his recently published children’s picture book, RED YELLOW BLUE BLACK GRAY & WHITE, came from the many inquiries his young students had about colors. “Primary colors are a difficult concept for the young artist to comprehend. It’s like explaining what came first, the chicken or the egg. I decided to answer some of these philosophical abstractions in a poem with pictures”, explains Mark.

In his own words:

I never consciously set out to be an author or illustrator of children's literature. My passion was always rock 'n' roll. Then later, ... teaching. Once this idea came to me, it relentlessly kept nagging at me until I put it all on paper. After I looked at the story, I had no idea how to go about illustrating my vision. Out of utter necessity, I sat down at the computer and started playing around with some pretty ancient software. I overlapped shapes and cut up lines until I saw the characters that appeared in my mind's eye. Six months later, I had a book to pitch to publishers and agencies. That was all in 2012. Fast-forward to present day and I'm celebrating the release of my first children's picture book through an indie publishing house that has granted me creative control over my story and artwork. RED YELLOW BLUE BLACK GRAY & WHITE is now available at, Barnes & Noble, & Amazon, and will be released in the coming weeks at Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, & other online book stores in addition to eBook platforms such as Nook, Sony, Apple, Kobo, & Diesel. I have no idea what's next, ...but I'm bringing everyone along for the ride. "Read, Dream, & Create" -M.C. Kohut

Book description:

Mark C. Kohut delightfully personifies color while thoughtfully provoking philosophies that parallel the inception of time and life. RED YELLOW BLUE BLACK GRAY & WHITE is a clever, poetic response to the many curious and imaginative children he’s encountered throughout his teaching career. Its content helps clarify color theory in art, examines the visible light spectrum in science, promotes philosophical thought of the universe and our existence, and supports the value of creativity and individualism.

Book synopsis:

RED YELLOW BLUE BLACK GRAY & WHITE is a playful tale of how all colors came to be. The story begins long before the dawn of time when all that existed was the big old Black nothing, alone in an everlasting sleep. Miraculously, it’s woken by a restless, stirring curiosity about its opposite. White brilliantly reveals itself during Black’s first waking moments. As they embrace their coexistence, they accidentally combine, and Gray is the result. Gray is blissful and content until it grows old enough to realize that it doesn’t have an opposite. Unbeknownst to one another, the three make a wish and each is granted a color to serve as Gray’s counterpart. Red, Yellow, & Blue are the divine gifts of primary colors. In the same manner that Gray was conceived, new colors are created when Mother Nature inadvertently mixes colors, making beautiful mistakes while painting her first rainbow.

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Yelena Horre, Principal of Linden High School, Carmela Appierto-Hunter Director of English, Language Arts, and Federal Program, Thomas Witek of Linden High School and recipient of New Jersey Association of Federal Program Administrators award, and Danae Ioannidis, Linden High School Guidance Counselor.

Thomas Witek is a recipient of New Jersey Association of Federal Program Administrators award. He was awarded $2,500.00 by the NJAFPA. He came to Linden High School from Soehl Middle School, which is a Title I school. He is also enrolled in the free/reduced lunch program and was in our Title I program for Math at Soehl Middle School and Language at Elementary School One in Linden. Thomas excels academically and is currently enrolled in honors classes at Linden High School. He has made high honors or principal's honor roll twelve times at Linden High School. His GPA is 96% which is good for the 31st ranking in the graduating class.

Thomas's attendance is well above average. His freshman year he was not absent at all and only tardy two times. Sophomore year he was absent three times. Junior year he was absent five and half times and so far has only missed two and a half days halfway through his senior year.

Thomas is active outside the classroom, participating in clubs and activities at Linden High School. He participates in a club called H.O.S.A. - Health Occupations Students of America, works at a local deli and is a Vo – Tech student in the competitive allied health program.

Thomas has been accepted at Felician and is awaiting a response from Rutgers and Kean. He has also been accepted into the YTTW program (Youth Transition into the Workforce). If he chooses to go, he will defer his acceptance until spring of 2016 and begin getting hands on experience as a Physical Therapy Aid from July to December while also taking college courses through the program at Essex County College. He would then transfer and begin his undergraduate studies upon completion of YTTW.

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Jorge Alvarez’s psychology students are taking part in a living experiment. Half of the students have been blindfolded for the entire day on Monday, and the other half will be blindfolded on Tuesday. The half not blindfolded will serve as guides between classes for those who are. The goal is to give the students a small glimpse into the world without a sense of sight.

Teachers are being asked to accommodate them these students to the best of their ability. This means allowing them to be a few minutes late to class and entertaining the idea of participating in your class blind. The students have all assured Mr. Alvarez that they will make up any missed work.

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Jennifer Fitzula, Kyle Phipps and Chibugo Ike are Linden High School's Class of 2015 Scholar-Athlete selections.

Jennifer, who will attend the University of Pennsylvania in the Fall, was honored for her academic and athletic achievements on Sunday, May 17th at the NJSIAA Scholar-Athlete Luncheon held at the Pines Manor, Edison, NJ. Over 1,500 people attended this affair that recognized students from 330 New Jersey high schools. Over $170,000 in scholarship money was awarded to these students.

Earlier in the week, on Wednesday, May 13th, Kyle and Chibugo were Linden High School's male and female representatives at the UCIAC Scholar-Athlete Dinner held at the Westwood, Garwood, NJ.

Male and female students from 25 Union County high schools were cited for their accomplishments in the class room and on the field of play. All 46 scholar-athletes honored were awarded a $1,000 scholarship to continue their education.

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Mrs. Dort's Kindergarten class at School No. 6 are developing gross motor skills on balance boards.

From left to right: Genesis Cevallos, Sophia Ioviero, Olivia Alvarado, Chiara Marino

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Members of the Linden High School Musical Theatre Program performing during the 17th Annual Broadway Lights Concert on May 14, 2015. These talented students can be seen performing one last time at the All City Art & Music Festival on May 28, 2015, 7 pm, at the Promenade on Wood Ave.

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