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McManus Middle School's Alliance Club sponsored, "No Name Calling Week" during the week of January 20th. This campaign has grown into one of the largest bullying prevention campaign in the country. Activities were planned for each day. Some activities were signing anti-bullying and no name calling pledges, quotes regarding kindness were read by club members over the loud speaker, students wore red shirts to show support for NNCW, students watched videos in homeroom from the "ThinkB4YouSpeak!" campaign, and students wrote down their vision of peace on a post it and displayed them on the cafeteria wall (see picture).

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Getting "ogre" the "Blizzard of 2015"? There is no better way than to come out and support the students at McManus and their production of "SHREK Jr."
Tickets are available at the door.

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Trayquan Ernest and Norman Matyi, students at McManus Middle School from Mrs. Kaneaster's science classroom combine their knowledge of electrical circuits and engineering design to create a dancing robot that could write on paper. This was a culminating project that took place after spending 3 weeks learning about batteries, electricity and energy transformations.

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Elementary Mathematics Coach Mr. Orth worked with Mrs. Rogakos' fourth grade class at School No. 9. The students are learning how to use the Destination Math, Animated Math, Soar to Success, and Mega Math components of the Think Central website. These programs help to provide extra practice and reinforce skills that have been taught in the classroom as part of the Go Math curriculum.

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The dream of many is to retire from work, and then spend the rest of their days walking around beautifully kept parks with finely cut lawns, grassy fields and playing golf. At Linden High School when students are confronted with vocabulary and concepts that are unfamiliar or misunderstood, Linden High School English teacher Mr. William McMahon reinforces the vocabulary words in a creative way, by having the students play golf.
Students are participating in a game designed to reinforce their knowledge of SAT vocabulary words. They demonstrate their mastery of the words by knowing the definition or using it in context. Then they have an opportunity to double extra points for a test by making a hole-in-one.
Through his years of experience, Mr. McMahon has learned that games help and encourage many students to sustain their interest and work. These educational games also help the teacher to create contexts in which the language is useful and meaningful. Adriana Mantilla putts for vocabulary in her English III honors class with Mr. McMahon.

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Mrs. Andersen and Miss Prakapas' third grade classes at School No. 9 recently completed a diorama project on biomes. Students created a diorama, completed a written report, and presented what they learned to their class. The project focused on how we as humans interact with our planet and how climate affects the land, plants, and animals. Here are four students happily showing off their biome dioramas! From left to right: Caleb Calderon, Alessandro Principato, Alivia Figueiredo, and Ethan Da Costa

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Senior, Evelyn Ortiz and her IB history teacher, Mr. Scheidemann, smile for the camera during an intense research session on the origins of WWII.

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Twenty teachers from each of the Linden and Rahway Public Schools came together to form a Professional Learning Community to study A Framework for K-12 Science Education. The Framework is a publication that identifies and describes the latest research about what works in K-12 science education and is the foundation for the Next Generation Science Standards. The NGSS were recently adopted by the state of New Jersey. These standards will be implemented in secondary classroom in the fall of 2016 and in elementary classrooms beginning in the fall of 2017. These study groups will meet each month fo two hours after school to discuss the Framework and what we can learn from it to prepare for the implementation of the NGSS.

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Linden Public Schools likes a photo.

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School Four kicked of honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday with a school wide laser light show assembly. Students were both educated and entertained by a show, which featured influential African American leaders throughout history. Pictured left to right: Matt Holden presenter from Prismatic Magic, Morgan Williams, Emmanuel Okoro, Sally DeSantos, Mr. Cataline Principal, and Andrew Alvarracin.

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