Students in Mrs. Diaz's 3rd grade class at School No. 2 participated in The Hour of Code on December 7th. Parents were invited in to participate along side their child. Pictured are Aaron Buccino and his dad, Mackenzie Pierce and her dad, Camila Carvajal and her mom, Madison Karamath and her mom, and Tyrone Small and his mom. The students and parents had a wonderful time learning about computer science and computer programming.

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Miss Weiss' and Mrs. Martin's class at School No. 8 participated in the Hour of Code. Students had to use blocks of code and practiced basic computational and programming skills.

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Linden Public Schools Winter Concert & Art Showcase Schedule

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The faculty and staff of School No. 2 joined together singing, "The 12 Days of Christmas". This video will be embedded in our School's upcoming "Video Singing Along", which will be viewed at our Holiday Bazaar and "Unity of Lights Festival" featuring Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah event. Friday, December 16th, from 6:00 - 8:00pm.

The 12 Days of Christmas - School No. 2 Faculty & Staff


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Fourteen turkeys made it safely through Thanksgiving weekend thanks to Miss Bartolomeo’s Kindergarten class at School No. 1. During the days off from Teacher’s Convention, the students took home their turkeys to disguise them. Students disguised their turkeys to look like Hello Kitty, a bumble bee, Captain America, and Donald Trump among others. The students accompanied their disguised turkeys with a writing piece.

Pictured from left is Alejandro Garcia, Christie Fanfan, and Avalee Manzo.

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Mrs. Destito's second grade class at School No. 2 participated in the Hour of Coding with Mrs. Diaz's third grade class. Students enjoyed exploring and creating the codes with their third grade partners. A big thank you to our parents who also joined us for this event. Pictured is second grade student, Luis Cabrera with his mom and third grade student Mackenzie Pierce.

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Mrs. Hofmann's fourth grade students at School No. 2 conducted a science experiment of dissecting owl pellets. Owls eat small rodents, but cannot digest the fur and bones. The owl then coughs up a pellet containing the bones. My students investigated the bones found inside the pellets, and compared them to the rodent bones on the Identification Chart. Some found entire rodent skulls! They very much enjoyed this science investigation. Pictured are Thomas Szeliga, Anderson Gutierrez-Vidal, Adelissa Bozieux, Jaden Cadet, Alivia Young-Bey and Leila Perez.

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At School No. 8 we believe all teachers rock! Pictured here is Angela Paternostro being presented with the coveted "you rock guitar." Each week a new staff member is celebrated and acknowledged for why they rock. Ms. Paternostro has taken an active role in capturing the great things that happen at School No. 8 through her role on the publicity committee and she has involved herself in other creative projects, as well as cultivated and maintained caring and strong relationships with her students. She will pass the guitar over to a new fellow peer next week and explain why they rock.

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