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Another successful Summer School Enrichment Program at School # 9! Health and Nutrition was the theme this year. To celebrate the end of the Summer Program, students with the help of parents and teacher, Mrs. Orelien-Armstead and teacher assistant, Ingrid Gomez, organized a picnic focusing on healthy foods. Students had fun playing games using a food tree game they created in class to reinforce knowledge learned of healthy eating habits and nutritious food choices. According to Mrs. Orelien-Armstead, "It's never too early to educate students about the benefits of healthy eating. Research has shown, as they begin to grow, children develop and adopt healthy eating habits they will have throughout their lifetime. Experts agree, this is the best strategy for combating obesity in America." "Moreover, the picnic was a fun way to demonstrate to students that eating healthy can be nutritious and delicious," Orelien-Armstead explained. Students enjoyed fresh fruits and vegetables. 100% wheat bread, reduced-fat mayonnaise, low sodium/low fat turkey and ham were used to make sandwiches. Fresh salad with low fat dressings, water instead of soda completed it all. Students were reminded in the end that healthy eating habits should be part of their everyday routine, just like bathing and brushing their teeth.

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As the 2014 Summer ESL Enrichment Program draws to a close, working in groups, the English Language Learners at School 9 proudly presented their center work on the food pyramid, food labeling and nutrition facts. They have learned the importance of using nutrition facts label to check for calories, fat and sodium content, to ensure they're eating a healthy, balanced diet.

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Students attending the ESL Summer Enrichment Program at School #9 can now breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that their summer reading projects are all done. Every summer, ESL students entering grades two through five are expected to choose a book from the Linden School District required reading lists and do a project which will be graded by their classroom teachers September of the next school year. Monday July 21, 2014, the English Language Learners successfully completed and presented their reading projects to their peers.

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Eighteen students and two teachers from New Talent School in Beijing stop by at Linden High School for a visit July 26th. Beijing New Talent School is a sister school of Linden High School. Linden students stay at the school during their visits to China and their students are always welcome to visit Linden.

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The 21st Century Community Learning Center students have participated in a five week Summer STEM Academy during the month of July. Each week the summer participants attend the Woodbridge Community Center for roller skating and miniature golf as part of the recreation component of the program.

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LHS teacher Mr. Delgado is teaching on Kean University's Chinese campus in the Elite English Program. This program is designed to immerse and help improve the English skills of the students in a short amount of time. The students learn vocabulary in context, create authentic conversations based on high interest topics, and learn various cultural customs of the United States. The students, for the first time in their lives, are expected to be active participants in the classroom and use the English language in context. In the picture is Mr. Delgado and all of the students of the program. Mr. Delgado is excited to come back to Linden and apply all of what he has learned in his American ESL classroom.

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Middle school students are working together to complete one of the daily engineering challenges that the 21st Century Summer STEM Academy has to offer. Seventh grade students formed small groups to develop a two-wheel balloon car through the PBS Design Squad Engineering Curriculum. Student groups had only select materials to create the car such as a balloon, straw, craft stick, candy mints, tape and a rubber band. At the end of the engineering challenge, each group raced their balloon cars and made modifications.

Photo: Left to Right Darnelle Therjuste and Christopher Kelley (seventh grade students)

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Day three of Summer School, the ESL students at School 9, eagerly presented their projects on the five food groups focusing on the importance of making healthy food choices. Students were excited to learn that by using the food pyramid, they can easily see which foods should be eaten more frequently and which should be eaten less in order to maintain a healthy diet.

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The 21st Century Community Learning Center has coordinated a Summer STEM Academy at Joseph E. Soehl Middle School. The summer program provides twenty days of enrichment opportunities for students in grades six through eight during the month of July. During the program, students will have an opportunity to work on their summer reading assignments, participate in various STEM classes, attend field trips and select many recreation choices each day.

Photo: Garnesh Ramcharran, grade 7, testing out a design he created during the STEM Enrichment Class

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