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STICKY. GOOEY. SLIMY. MUSHY. BUMPY. ENORMOUS. Students in Ms. Sheehy's and Mrs. Nahmias' first grade class at School 2 learned all about adjectives through an interdisciplinary unit on pumpkins. In Science students first learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin, after which they came up with adjectives about pumpkins using their five senses and a real pumpkin. This was a new experience for many of the students since many had never looked or felt inside a pumpkin before! Pictured left to right holding the sentences they wrote using adjectives to describe their pumpkin are Katherine Estevanell, Sofia Forero, Javen Hall, and Arihatna Morales.

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The month of October Linden High School students and staff, along with all of Linden Public Schools, celebrated the Month of Respect. At Linden High School Mrs. Shamona Patterson (Anti-Bullying Specialist) along with the School Safety Team (SST) came up with suggested ideas and activities for teachers during the "Week of Respect" & " Violence Prevention Awareness Week" in an effort to enhance our school climate. Students were engaged in daily classroom activities and discussions centered around respect, anti-bullying and non-violence. A door-decorating contest took place in which many classrooms competed with various positive messages throughout the school. Messages such as "Together we stand up against bullying" and "You will never reach higher ground if you are always pushing others down" were on display for all to see. Our P.A.W.S (Positive Achievement With Success) program was also launched in which students are encouraged to display acts of kindness towards their peers, staff and themselves. Students who are "Caught Caring" will be recognized with a P.A.W.S card and that card will be entered into a monthly raffle. All students who receive a P.A.W.S card will be on display on our "Caught Caring" wall. Teachers also sent a powerful message and took a stand against bullying with all staff collaborating and wearing a T-Shirt which read "The End of Bullying Begins With ME". These anti-bullying activities will not only end with the month October but continue throughout the school year.

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On Wednesday, October 22, 2014, School 8 held it's Multicultural and Technology Night. ESL Teacher, Ms. Carmen-Amanda Cortinas planned and organized this evening for ESL students and families. The evening included a sampling of food dishes from other countries, a video showcasing the district's model ESL program, a presentation about technology by ESL Teacher Mr. Eloy Delgado, and speeches, poetry and dancing by the ESL Leadership Club. Former Linden High School graduates who were in the ESL Program gave speeches and presentations on the benefits to being bilingual. Mayor Gerbounka spoke about his ethnicity and the importance of bilingualism today. Sergeant Ordonez gave a motivating speech about his background also promoting bilingualism and how he came to learn 5 languages as well.

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October 22, 2014 was the Grand Reopening of the Positive Behavior Support in Schools (PBSIS) Store at School No. 4. Students were able to buy prizes with the tokens they received when they were "caught being good." Morgan Williams and Kevin Lopera are in the photograph above.

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School No. 5 students Kyle Edmond, Jordan Austin, Amber Thomas, and Leiara Osborne In Mrs. Roxy Suggs class work cooperatively to understand the necessity for standard units of measurement. Together they used scientific thinking processes to conduct investigations and build explanations: observing, communicating, comparing and organizing. School No. 5 students learn the concepts associated with measuring mass. By the end of the experiences, students will be prepared to deal with weight in deeper ways for the eventual understanding of the distinction between weight and mass.

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Linden High School students from Mr. Bara's Honors Chemistry class presented Chemiluminescence (Chemiluminescence is the process of producing visible light as a result of a chemical reaction) at Liberty Science Center's Chem Expo on Saturday, October 18th in honor of Chemistry Week. Chem Expo shows students and families the roles chemistry plays in our everyday lives and what education and training chemists need. Linden High Students are interested in forensic work, materials science or new product development, this fair-style event featured lots of hands-on activities and educational fun for all! Students had scheduled presentation times and then had the opportunity to enjoy all the Liberty Science Center exhibits and view an IMAX show thanks to our corporate partner, Infineum USA of Linden.

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Congratulations to all School No. 6 October Star Students!

Luqman Mahmoud - Grade 4
Rukaiyat Mahmoud - Kindergarten

Isabella Hernandez - Grade 2
Nicholas Hernandez - Kindergarten

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