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By: Eric Scheidemann

Linden High School is taking a STEP in a new direction. This year a Step team, The Show Steppers, has been added to the many activities available to students. Under the direction of Coach Dominique Bradley, the Show Steppers offer a unique brand of dance and entertainment.

Coach Bradley is very excited to be the Advisor/Coach for the Show Steppers.

“I’ve Been With The Linden School District For 11 years now and I have witnessed many of these young girls grow up…I want girls to feel comfortable to talk, dance, STEP, model or ask questions and for there to be a safe zone for two days a week, Monday’s and Thursday’s From 3:30-5:00.”

“I Never Pledged In College or took dance but you don’t need a degree to be a big sister, role model or a good leader in the community. This is more than STEPPING! This is about a group of sisters wanting to STEP for the empowerment of young women, positivity, leadership, fellowship & discipline.”

We can’t wait to see where the Show Steppers go next.


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