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Health Services

School health services are provided to foster the personal development, health and growth of students and to detect and help correct any health conditions which prevent optimum learning and development. Health care in the school is provided by two full-time certified school nurses in collaboration with the Director of Health/Safety/Physical Education/Athletics, the District Chief Medical Inspector and the District Head Nurse.

In addition to health screenings, maintenance of health records, medication administration, intervention/referrals and health education, the nurses are available to counsel and assist students with health problems/concerns.

The Board of Education requires evidence of State mandated immunizations on each student. Additionally, new students to the district are required to submit a medical examination performed within the previous 365 days. Participation in school sports requires completion of a sports permit.


Health Office Regulations

*A health office pass is required for admittance to the health office except in case of emergency.

* Injuries other than those received on school property or during school activities should not be referred to the school nurse for treatment.

* Doctor’s notes must be presented to the Attendance Office or Health Office upon the student’s return to school.

*Students requesting an excuse from school for a medical or dental appointment are referred to the Attendance Office.

*No student will be excused from school without permission of a parent or guardian. If, in the professional opinion of the school nurse, it is necessary for a student to be excused to go home because of illness, the parent or guardian will be notified.

*Use of crutches during school requires a doctor’s note.

*Only medication prescribed by a physician, and deemed necessary during school hours, should be brought to school. Medication administration requires written physician’s orders and written parental authorization. Medication must remain in its original container and remain in the health office. Students authorized to self-administer certain medications may be permitted to self-carry said medications.

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