K-Kids 2016-2017 thus far:

  • They advertised that during our Halloween day parade the K-Kids would be raising money for the Children’s Specialized Hospital and the day of the parade they motivated parents and students to donate to this cause, and a significant amount of funds were raised.
  • They have helped with different fundraisers such as the Smencil fundraiser and the School Store to promote PBSIS within the building.
  • Every Friday, the K-Kids have read to the Kindergarten and First grade students and have also had the younger students read to them, in order to enhance their literacy.
  • K-Kids are promoting a school-wide food drive for children and adults in need during this holiday season.
  • K-Kids wrote and colored pictures for children that are in hospitals during the holiday season through the nonprofit organization of Color a Smile.




During our February Valentine’s Day fruit snack fundraiser they will raise money for the NICU department at Saint Barnabas Hospital.

As you can tell our K-Kids have been very busy, and they are not done yet. This spring we are working on:

  • Weeding and replanting in our “School 2 Community Garden” on 18th street as our Earth Day project.
  • We will also have a partnership with the LINCS walk that the Linden School District is associated with in June.