Robotics Club Picture


School 2 Robotics Club

The School Number 2 Robotics Club was formed after our students participated in the Hour of Code in December 2016. Students showed such an interest in coding that Mr. Schulz and Mr. Minniti wanted to give students a chance to not only continue coding but experience it in a different way. After meeting with Mrs. Perkins, they decided to purchase a Jimu robot kit. This kit required students to first build and wire a robot correctly. Ensuring that all motors and wires were connected and assembled correctly. Then, code the robot using an IPad App to make it move. The club consisted of 7 students from Mr. MInniti’s and Mr. Schulz’s classes and they worked on this project for several months. Currently the club has been working on advanced coding to enable the robot to perform various movements and even dance. In the future, the club would like to expand its membership and purchase more equipment to build multiple robots of various types.