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Ms. Blizniak’s 6th-grade science classes recently marked Black History Month by celebrating famous African American scientists.  Students researched the lives and contributions of their assigned scientists and then presented their findings to the whole class.  Some students went above-and-beyond by dressing like their scientist, by creating a PowerPoint slide show or by making an iMovie.






Welcome to the Great Escape!  Ms. Leight’s 8th-grade science classes were recently challenged to complete an ‘escape room’ activity.  Students were required to apply their knowledge of genetics and to solve multiple tasks as they worked their way to victory.


3 1

7 8

5 6


Ms. Terwilliger’s and Ms. Fernandes’s 6th-grade science class recently performed a lab to explore water vapor and its existence in the atmosphere.  Students also studied the transfer of energy that takes place as water changes phases from liquid to gas.  Research teams recorded the temperature change in evaporating water and then investigated the amount of energy transferred during that process.

KT 2

KT 3

KT 1

Soehl Middle School science teacher Kimberly Leight was named the winner of the 2018 ‘Teachers Who Make Magic’ award.  This award is sponsored by the NJEA and the radio station 98.3 FM.  In celebration, Miss Leight’s many achievements were read on air, and she will receive her award at the Pines Manor in Edison in April.

Congratulations Miss Leight!


On November 3, 40 Soehl Middle School 8th-graders attended a field trip to Students 2 Science in East Hanover.  The mission at Students 2 Science is building future STEM leaders.  The day started with students and scientists discussing how many simple activities – brushing teeth, eating breakfast, applying makeup, riding a bus – are connected to science.  Later, students entered the lab and completed a series of rigorous experiments relevant to their daily lives.  These experiments – Acid + Base = BOOM!, Science Cents, How Sweet it is!, and Name That Salt – covered a wide variety of content areas.  Students were also inspired by the many STEM career options presented by the staff.

To learn more about Students 2 Science, please visit their website -

Students 2 Science

Gabriel Velez and Science Cents

S2S 1

Oluchi Ugbuaja and Acid + Base = BOOM!

S2S 2

Samantha Therjuste and Name That Salt

S2S 3

Silmaja Cunningham and Marwin Clavijo prepare to enter the lab with their safety goggles, lab coats and gloves.

S2S 4

Students in Mrs. Seta’s 8th-grade science class observed a stream table to discover how water can erode sediments from one location and deposit the sorted sediments in a basin downstream.  The students also identified unique landforms that are created as a result of erosion/deposition and gathered information about how the Grand Canyon may have formed.

Seta Pic

Mrs. Berns’s and Ms. Kennedy’s seventh-grade classes recently completed a combined Math/Science project.  The Bottle Flip Challenge required students to test different types of water bottles and determine which bottles flipped the best.  Next, students calculated success rate and frequency.  They then constructed a graph to display their final results.









On Tuesday, May 9, Mrs. Thomas and her seventh-grade science classes spent a beautiful day at Hawk Rise Sanctuary right here in Linden, New Jersey.

For more information on Hawk Rise Sanctuary, please visit their website -

Hawk Rise Sanctuary

Hawk Rise 1

Hawk Rise 2

Hawk Rise 3

On Thursday, May 4, 2017, Soehl Middle School’s sixth-grade students went on a science trip to the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium in Sandy Hook.  Students were introduced to a variety of organisms that live on the Jersey Shore.  Later, they participated in a seashell hunt and a seining activity.  Consortium staff also presented information on the background of historic Fort Hancock.

For more information on the Sea Grant Consortium, please visit their website -

NJ Sea Grant Consortium

S Hook 3

S Hook 2

S Hook 1

ExxonMobil encourages the pursuit of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers through a variety of programs.  One important avenue for this effort is STEM outreach at local schools. Recently, ExxonMobil’s local PRIDE chapter from Clinton, NJ visited Soehl Middle School.  PRIDE is ExxonMobil’s LGBT employee resource group where members of the LGBT community and their straight allies encourage awareness and understanding of diversity and inclusion issues.

Armed with hands-on activities, four PRIDE member volunteers (Brian Moreno, Christine Elia, Sara Green, and Ana Kaplun – a Soehl Middle School alum) interacted with students from the Alliance Club and the National Junior Honor Society to build roller coasters with marbles.  The marble roller coaster activity is a hands-on way to understand basic physics concepts, such as potential and kinetic energy and momentum.  The students broke into teams to design and build a roller coaster using foam tubes and tape.  Through building, testing, and then redesigning (if the marble could not successfully maneuver the course), the students also got a taste of the challenge of science and engineering.