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Paul Revere rides again!  Mr. Marretta’s sixth-grade Social Studies classes are starting a revolution with their recent history projects.  Students travelled back to 1776 to research a variety of topics including the accomplishments of our Founding Fathers and the causes of the American Revolution.

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The seventh-grade students at Soehl Middle School participated in a cross-curricular debate for Mrs. Ferreira’s U.S. History class and Mrs. Urbanczyk’s Language Arts class.  Students investigated and researched Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Act and policies against the Native Americans.  After examining various primary and secondary sources, students wrote an argumentative essay regarding this issue.  For a final activity, the students prepared for a culminating debate between two classes arguing whether Andrew Jackson’s Act was justified.

Debate 2

Debate 1

Students at Soehl Middle School were given the opportunity to cast their votes in this year’s upcoming Presidential Election.  Chief Investigator Phil Campo and other members of the Union County Board of Elections provided the voting machines for our first mock election.  This was a wonderful opportunity for our students to see democracy in action.  Every vote counts!

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