TEAM 6-1

Ms. Dontamsetti (Language Arts) SDONTAMSETTI@lindenps.org
Ms. Sagos (Math) ASAGOS@lindenps.org
Ms. Terwilliger (Science) KTERWILLIGER@lindenps.org ***** Ms. Terwilliger’s Website
Mr. Marretta (Social Studies) JMARRETTA@lindenps.org ***** Mr. Marretta’s Website

TEAM 6-2

Ms. Marchesi (Language Arts) RMARCHESI@lindenps.org
Ms. Barattucci (Math) DBARATTUCCI@lindenps.org
Ms. Blizniak (Science) JBLIZNIAK@lindenps.org ***** Ms. Blizniak’s Website
Mr. Zika (Social Studies) JZIKA@lindenps.org


On Thursday, May 4, 2017, Soehl Middle School’s sixth-grade students went on a science trip to the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium in Sandy Hook.  Students were introduced to a variety of organisms that live on the Jersey Shore.  Later, they participated in a seashell hunt and a seining activity.  Consortium staff also presented information on the background of historic Fort Hancock.

For more information on the Sea Grant Consortium, please visit their website -

NJ Sea Grant Consortium

S Hook 3

S Hook 2

S Hook 1


TEAM 7-1

Ms. Pierson (Language Arts) JPIERSON@lindenps.org
Ms. Berns (Math) LBERNS@lindenps.org
Ms. Carlough (Science) KCARLOUGH@lindenps.org
Ms. Ferreira (Social Studies) AFERREIRA@lindenps.org ***** Ms. Ferreira’s Website

TEAM 7-2

Ms. MacDonald (Language Arts) JMACDONALD@lindenps.org
Ms. Rothauser (Math) SROTHAUSER@lindenps.org
Ms. Thomas (Science) STHOMAS@lindenps.org
Ms. Chase (Social Studies) KCHASE@lindenps.org ***** Ms. Chase’s Website


On December 8, Ms. MacDonald’s and Mrs. Urbanczyk’s 7th-grade Language Arts classes hosted their first ‘Invention Convention.’  Prior to the big event, students researched inventors, such as Samuel Morse and Jacques Cousteau, and learned about various inventions, such as the washing machine, scuba diving equipment, the telegraph, and pigeon photography.  Students then designed a poster about their invention, created an iMovie about the inventor, and built a model of their invention using household items.  Finally, at the convention, students and staff visited the various exhibits and competed in a scavenger hunt.

12 13

11 8



5 3

1 14




And the winner is… On Friday, June 9, Team 7-1 hosted an Oscars ceremony honoring student work on a recent Social Studies/Language Arts joint project.  In Social Studies class, students learned about the Civil War and used that knowledge to develop iMovies on various Civil War topics.  At the same time, in their Language Arts classroom, students prepared scripts and focused on writing realistic dialogue while staying true to the historical events involved.  To recognize the students’ hard work, the teachers of Team Legacy rolled out the red carpet and presented awards in several categories including: Best iMovie, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Dialogue.  Students, parents and teachers all enjoyed the show!

Team Legacy’s core teachers – Mrs. Berns, Mrs. Ferreira, Mrs. Urbanczyk, Ms. Kennedy (not pictured)

Oscars 1

Students walking the Red Carpet – Nahzir Cox, Abiud Rosario Berrios, Alasia Llanos, Paola Nolasco

Oscars 2

Winners in the Best Original Dialogue category – Angel Gonzalez, Brielle Ellis, Kayla Clavijo, Santiago Salcedo

Oscars 3

Presenters announcing the nominees – Olga Lopez, Aleya Thompson

Oscars 4

Winners in the Best Sound Mixing category – Emma Arias, Kayla Silva, Anita Lopez Rivas, Michael Granillo, Jazlynn Fraticelli, Kira Dort

Oscars 5

Families enjoying the Red Carpet…

Skyla Alonso and her mom, Jessica Vega

Oscars 6

Dejhan Lee and his mom, Kenyetta Patterson

Oscars 7


On Tuesday, May 9, Mrs. Thomas and her Team 7-2 science classes spent a beautiful day at Hawk Rise Sanctuary right here in Linden, New Jersey.

For more information on Hawk Rise Sanctuary, please visit their website -

Hawk Rise Sanctuary

Hawk Rise 1

Hawk Rise 2

Hawk Rise 3


The seventh-grade students at Soehl Middle School participated in a cross-curricular debate for Mrs. Ferreira’s U.S. History class and Mrs. Urbanczyk’s Language Arts class.  Students investigated and researched Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Act and policies against the Native Americans.  After examining various primary and secondary sources, students wrote an argumentative essay regarding this issue.  For a final activity, the students prepared for a culminating debate between two classes arguing whether Andrew Jackson’s Act was justified.

Debate 2

Debate 1


TEAM 8-1

Mr. Macha (Language Arts) JMACHA@lindenps.org
Ms. O’Loughlin (Math) EOLOUGHLIN@lindenps.org
Ms. Seta (Science) MSETA@lindenps.org
Mr. Citera (Social Studies) PCITERA@lindenps.org

TEAM 8-2

Ms. Anderson (Language Arts) MANDERSON@lindenps.org
Ms. Kang (Math) MKANG@lindenps.org
Ms. Leight (Science) KLEIGHT@lindenps.org
Mr. D’Amato (Social Studies) MDAMATO@lindenps.org


November 3, 2017

Forty Soehl Middle School eighth-graders attended a field trip to Students 2 Science in East Hanover.  The mission at Students 2 Science is building future STEM leaders.  The day started with students and scientists discussing how many simple activities – brushing teeth, eating breakfast, applying makeup, riding a bus – are connected to science.  Later, students entered the lab and completed a series of rigorous experiments relevant to their daily lives.  These experiments – Acid + Base = BOOM!, Science Cents, How Sweet it is!, and Name That Salt – covered a wide variety of content areas.  Students were also inspired by the many STEM career options presented by the staff.

To learn more about Students 2 Science, please visit their website -

Students 2 Science

Gabriel Velez and Science Cents

S2S 1

Oluchi Ugbuaja and Acid + Base = BOOM!

S2S 2

Samantha Therjuste and Name That Salt

S2S 3

Silmaja Cunningham and Marwin Clavijo prepare to enter the lab with their safety goggles, lab coats and gloves.

S2S 4


Students in Mrs. Seta’s 8th-grade science class observed a stream table to discover how water can erode sediments from one location and deposit the sorted sediments in a basin downstream.  The students also identified unique landforms that are created as a result of erosion/deposition and gathered information about how the Grand Canyon may have formed.

Seta Pic


Lance Booth, a photo editor at the New York Times, visited Mr. Macha’s eighth-grade Language Arts classes to assist with his annual newspaper project.  Students recently published newspaper articles for their peers to read using insider tips from New York Times writers.  Each article lead was researched, explored and developed by means of student interviews at the school.  This project was created by Mr. Macha and a team from the New York Times including editors, reporters and a photographer who have donated their time for the last four years . ​

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 11.49.21 AM




PhysEd Grading Policy



Soehl Middle School’s talented Art Club members are using their skills to decorate ceiling tiles throughout the building…

Kimora Massey and Denesha Norman present their fierce Linden Tiger logo.

 Tiger Tile

Giselle Riera Torres and Gloria Gutierrez display their tribute to the fine arts.

Art Tile


ExxonMobil encourages the pursuit of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers through a variety of programs.  One important avenue for this effort is STEM outreach at local schools.  Recently, ExxonMobil’s local PRIDE chapter from Clinton, NJ visited Soehl Middle School.  PRIDE is ExxonMobil’s LGBT employee resource group where members of the LGBT community and their straight allies encourage awareness and understanding of diversity and inclusion issues.

Armed with hands-on activities, four PRIDE member volunteers (Brian Moreno, Christine Elia, Sara Green, and Ana Kaplun – a Soehl Middle School alum) interacted with students from the Alliance Club and the National Junior Honor Society to build roller coasters with marbles.  The marble roller coaster activity is a hands-on way to understand basic physics concepts, such as potential and kinetic energy and momentum.  The students broke into teams to design and build a roller coaster using foam tubes and tape.  Through building, testing, and then redesigning (if the marble could not successfully maneuver the course), the students also got a taste of the challenge of science and engineering.






Students at Soehl Middle School were given the opportunity to cast their votes in this year’s upcoming Presidential Election.  Chief Investigator Phil Campo and other members of the Union County Board of Elections provided the voting machines for our first mock election.  This was a wonderful opportunity for our students to see democracy in action.  Every vote counts!

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 3.24.08 PM

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 3.24.57 PM

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 3.25.58 PM
Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 3.26.28 PM