The purpose of the Instructional Leadership Team is to support our faculty and staff as we establish and maintain successful Professional Learning Communities.  One of the key goals for these PLCs is to use data to drive instruction in a more meaningful way.  The members of the ILT are Laura Bongiovi, Michael D’Amato, Tom Donachy, Kim Leight, Jennifer MacDonald, Lindsey Mottley, Suzanne Rothauser, Kim Terwilliger and Vickie Wean.  We all look forward to working with the entire faculty and staff.  As we move forward, please feel free to contact us with any comments or concerns.

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The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) has collaborated with educational  professionals, school leaders and other stakeholders to create this dynamic suite of online learning resources to support the professional development of New Jersey educators.

NJDOE Learning Modules

Ground Rules are important for a group that intends to work together on difficult issues or that will be working together over time.  They may be added to, or condensed, as the group progresses.  Starting with basic Ground Rules builds trust, clarifies expectations and establishes points of “reflection” to see how the group is doing regarding process.

Forming Ground Rules

Along with Ground Rules, Norms of Collaboration are also designed to develop and maintain successful group interaction.  Consistent practice of the seven Norms outlined below will enhance the quality and productivity of all forms of conversation in any group.

Norms of Collaboration

Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Levels categorize tasks according to the complexity of thinking required to successfully complete them.  Starting at Level One (Recall) and continuing through Level Four (Extended Thinking), teachers can ensure their students are working at an appropriate level of rigor.

Depth of Knowledge Levels