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On March 14 — Pi Day (3.14) — Ms. Berns’s and Ms. Rogowski’s 7th-grade math classes competed in a ‘Digits of Pi’ contest.  Students had to memorize as many digits of the number pi as they could and then recite those digits in front of their whole class.  Congratulations to all the winners!

Period 1/4


Zachary Valentin (1st place), Gabriela Bosak and Steven Henry (2nd place)

Period 5/8


Tineka Campbell (1st place), Luis Vargas (2nd place)

Period 17/20


Jose Granillo (1st place), Elaina White (2nd place)

Period 24/27


Kevin Vega and Shayla Green Mack (1st place), Denzel Joseph (2nd place)

Ms. Rothauser’s 7th-grade math classes recently demonstrated their understanding of proportional relationships and their ability to apply this knowledge to real-world problems.  Students used multiple representations – a table, a graph and an equation – to calculate and then model the relevant data.  Mastery of these important concepts will prepare students for Algebra I next year.

SR 3

SR 4

SR 2

Mrs. Berns’s and Ms. Kennedy’s seventh-grade classes recently completed a combined Math/Science project.  The Bottle Flip Challenge required students to test different types of water bottles and determine which bottles flipped the best.  Next, students calculated success rate and frequency.  They then constructed a graph to display their final results.









ExxonMobil encourages the pursuit of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers through a variety of programs.  One important avenue for this effort is STEM outreach at local schools.  Recently, ExxonMobil’s local PRIDE chapter from Clinton, NJ visited Soehl Middle School.  PRIDE is ExxonMobil’s LGBT employee resource group where members of the LGBT community and their straight allies encourage awareness and understanding of diversity and inclusion issues.

Armed with hands-on activities, four PRIDE member volunteers (Brian Moreno, Christine Elia, Sara Green, and Ana Kaplun – a Soehl Middle School alum) interacted with students from the Alliance Club and the National Junior Honor Society to build roller coasters with marbles.  The marble roller coaster activity is a hands-on way to understand basic physics concepts, such as potential and kinetic energy and momentum.  The students broke into teams to design and build a roller coaster using foam tubes and tape.  Through building, testing, and then redesigning (if the marble could not successfully maneuver the course), the students also got a taste of the challenge of science and engineering.





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