Our entire staff is committed to providing an excellent, diverse, educational program in a supportive and nurturing environment. Our staff, along with our PTA, forms a team that encourages every student to develop an appreciation for learning, a healthy self-image, and a respect for self and others.

Because we are all committed to the belief that all students can learn, we are proud to offer programs in, gifted and talented education, special education, and an assortment of fine arts offerings along with our regular education program..

This website offers valuable information for you and your child. Please take the time to view our page so that you can familiarize yourself with the excellent programs that are offered.

It is our belief that student success is built on a strong partnership between parents and staff. We work diligently to encourage all students to attain an excitement for learning and I thank you for your cooperation with the Linden Public School District..

Ms. Sandra Coglianese, Principal