Counseling and Support Services

Ms. JoAnn Hamilton- Director of Assessment and Pupil Personnel

P. (908) 486-2800

Your School Counselor at Linden High…

-is trained to help you with a wide variety of concerns during your years at Linden High School. Our goal is to help you be happy and successful both academically and personally!

 Your Counselor can help you…

-choose the right courses, those which are appropriate for your academic abilities and future plans.

-cope with the many personal problems that may come up.

-make decisions about your life, friends, family, or other things.

-learn more about career options and the kinds of post graduate education which may be required.

-explore your own interests, aptitudes, and values to help you make better decisions.

 Working together with your counselor, you will be able to identify your feelings, doubts, and concerns. You can then explore alternatives and build up to a decision that is right for you!

Personal Concerns?

Counselors can help you when…

-you feel upset, whatever it may be that worries you.

-you’re concerned about your friends.

-you are getting depressed for any reason at all.

-you have questions or concerns about drugs, alcohol, or sex.

In all of these situations, we can help you sort out what is going on, how you feel about it and what you can do to make things at least a little better in your life!

Family Concerns?

We can help if…

-you feel your parents don’t understand.

-you think they are putting too much pressure on you, or are mistreating you in some way.

-your parents are no longer living together or are breaking up and this concerns you or affects your schoolwork.

Sometimes we do speak with your parents about your academic progress and about your plans. At these times we will discuss your schoolwork, but we will not disclose other things which you have asked us to keep confidential!

School Concerns?

Counselors can help you…

-to decide on courses which fit your abilities and plans.

-to get better grades, improve your study habits, and cope with your family’s expectations for grades.

 Counselors do not discipline. We do discuss your progress and behavior with you because we are eager to see you do well. Often, we can help you talk with a teacher about any concerns, or help you learn ways of keeping up with your work. 

Thinking About Careers?

Your counselor is also someone who can help you with the process of choosing some career options. Students become interested in this at various times, so we encourage you to make an appointment to see your counselor when you are particularly interested in exploring careers. We have a variety of interest surveys and computer programs you may use with a counselor to match your interests with career fields! We will show you resources which may help you find some broad career areas that relate to your interests.

Thinking About College???

For many LHS Students, education will not end with graduation. You will be looking for college or technical schools to further your education. We have organized many events to help you…

 Sophomores – PSAT presentations, interpreting your scores, learning about SAT II Subject testing, spring parent program…

Juniors – Classroom and small group presentations on the college selection process; parent/family night; individual family conference for planning…

Seniors – Classroom and small group presentation on the specifics of applying to schools, as many individual conferences as necessary to make your plans, prepare applications and decide on the best school to attend…

College Night is held annually in October to provide students and parents with lots of college info. This is a great opportunity to find out about options!

Naviance Website! We also have a website to support student research and tracking of their college plans and schools of interest. Each student has an account which they can access easily over the internet. The log-in site is so be sure to check it out!

Interested in Student Activities?

Most LHS students get involved in our wide array of activities, athletics, performing arts or service groups. Information on these groups is published in the daily announcements.

Drug or Alcohol Concerns?

In addition to the regular counselors, we have the services of a trained student assistance counselor, Mrs. Kathy Volker. Mrs. Volker is an additional resource you can use when you have concerns about your own use of drugs or that of someone close to you. She can also help you with lots of other personal concerns. If you drop in to speak with her, what you discuss will be kept confidential, and will help you learn to cope with many kinds of problems.

Want to See Your Counselor About Any of These Things?

To see your counselor, drop in before or after school and complete an appointment request slip (the secretaries can show you how) and you will receive a pass soon (almost always the next day). If it is something that cannot wait, just let anyone in the office know and we will be sure you get to see someone right away. You can also see the Contact Info and Counselor Assignments page for counselor email and phone information.

Concerned About Privacy?

Confidentiality is a big concern for students when talking to their counselor. Your trust in us is what makes it possible for us to help in the most meaningful ways. We will keep what you tell us confidential, unless you give us permission to speak with others. There are a few times, however, when your life or someone else’s life is threatened (e.g. suicide threats), and we must take action. At all other times we will not break confidentiality.