• Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity – Forrester Lee Scholarship (165.4 KiB)

    Deadline: 5/6/17
    Criteria: Senior attending a college or university, completed application, and essay.

  • Community Financial Services Scholarship (126.2 KiB)

    Deadline: 5/30/17

    Criteria: Must be a member of the Credit Union and meet criteria outlined.

  • Community Foundation of New Jersey (21.1 KiB)

    Deadlines Vary: March – April *pay attention*
    Instructions: Go to the Website listed on the page. Scroll down until you see “Student Scholarships”. There are 6 applications available. Read criteria for each to see what you are eligible for.

  • Disabled American Veterans Department Of NJ (194.4 KiB)

    Deadline: 5/21/17
    Criteria: Must be a descendant of a member of the Disabled American Veterans, Dept. of NJ (sons, daughter, grandsons, granddaughter, nieces, nephews, cousins). Essay required.

  • Gateway Scholarship (0.0 B)

    Deadline: 4/18/17 *** Deadline extended to Friday 4/28//17***
    Criteria: Application MUST BE TYPED, entering college or trade school, photo, bio, personal statement.

  • Huntington Learning Center Scholarship (71.0 KiB)

    Deadline: 6/30/17

    Criteria: Enter via text for a chance to win $4,000.

  • Jewish War Veterans- 3 Applications (225.3 KiB)

    Deadline: 5/20/17
    Criteria: Must be a child or grandchild of a Jewish War Veteran member.

  • Linden Chamber of Commerce (71.0 KiB)

    Deadline: 3/31/17
    Criteria: Senior, Linden resident, majoring in one of the following areas: Business, Accounting, Banking, Arts, Health Fields, and Engineering. Application MUST BE TYPED.

  • Linden Interfaith Council (39.0 KiB)

    Deadline: 4/30/17
    Criteria: Essay required, regular attendance in a faith community (Church, Mosque, Synagogue, Temple or other faith) within the city of Linden, letters of recommendation (1 from a faith community leader or board).

  • Marine trades Association of NJ (37.7 KiB)

    Deadline: 5/1/17

    Criteria: Any student interested in pursuing a career in the recreational boating industry and meets the outlined criteria.

  • Mid NJ Youth Soccer Association Scholarship (59.3 KiB)

    Deadline: 5/10/17
    Criteria: Two one thousand dollar scholarships to a graduating male and female senior who played, refereed or was a youth trainer in MNJYSA during their high school years. See application for details.

  • New Jersey Foster Care Scholars (132.9 KiB)

    Deadline: Summer 2017
    Criteria: Youth who have experienced a Child Protection & Permanency (CP&P) out-of-home placement, CP&P independent living arrangement, transitional living program, or homelessness and are seeking a post-secondary education at an accredited school.

  • Team 96 Foundation Scholarship (76.3 KiB)

    Deadline: 5/15/17
    Criteria: Copy of acceptance letter to college, minimum 2.8 GPA, 2 letters of recommendation, essay, application, and must be used the semester after graduation.

  • The Jaclyn Wozniak Memorial Scholarship (14.2 KiB)

    Deadline: 5/1/17

    Criteria: Community Service AND participated in musical theatre/dance/choir productions.

  • The Keith Hightower Scholarship (125.5 KiB)

    Deadline: 5/5/17
    Criteria: Must have participated in science or math competitions or participated in independent scientific research during their high school careers.

  • Thornton Sisters Foundation (89.3 KiB)

    Deadline: Must be postmarked by 5/7/17.
    Criteria: A female of color (African-American, Latino-American, Carribbean-American, Native American), GPA of C+ or better, 3 letters of recommendation, Income Tax statement, essay and photograph. See application for details.

  • Vandeventer Scholarship Application (18.8 KiB)

    Deadline: 5/1/17
    Criteria: Student must have been a part of the Linden School System for 5 years, minimum GPA 2.0, demonstrate financial need, one page essay.

  • William H. Feller & Edna B. Feller Scholarship (19.6 KiB)

    Deadline: 5/1/17
    Criteria: Student must have been a part of the Linden School System for 5 years, minimum GPA 2.0, demonstrate financial need, one page essay.