School No.8 encourages academic achievement through a variety of strategic approaches to the overall curriculum. Students in grades pre-kindergarten through five are engaged in a diverse educational program in a supportive and nurturing environment.

First hand experiences are provided to our students through field trips and supplemental educational programs in an attempt to enhance the curriculum and integrate several disciplines.

Character Education is an important part of our school day with the infusion of the Character Counts program taught by the social worker. Children also receive additional support from group meetings with the social worker.

The safety and well being of the students is a priority. Incentives are a big part of School No. 8. There are award assemblies every month for Homework Club and Students of the Month. Every marking period has an Honor Roll and Attendance assembly. Each morning begins with announcements and birthdays.

Another important area of my leadership is involvement in the community. School No 8 children have a sense of responsibility for each other and those less fortunate through various activities such as food collection, Tsunami bake sale and Pennies for Patients.

At School No. 8 the goal is to have happy, bright, caring, and well-educated children that enjoy school and have a love of learning.