Welcome to the Deerfield School No. 9 website.
We hope that you will find it useful in getting to know our school.

School No. 9 has a long and proud history of high standards and academic excellence.  The school has served the children of Linden for over five decades.  We are a pre-kindergarten through fifth grade facility with an enrollment of over 300 students and over 55 outstanding faculty and staff.
Children are greeted each morning by a dedicated and caring team, who work together to create a warm a nurturing environment for each and every child.
At School No. 9, we are committed to offering our young children experiences that will help them develop emotionally, socially, and academically.  Emphasis is placed on cultivating the mind so that students become independent thinkers who work well with others.
We believe that today’s digital learners must have the tools of the 21st century in order to succeed.  We are proud to say that our classrooms have recently been equipped with cutting-edge technology to enhance interactive instruction.

The students of Deerfield School No. 9 know the T.I.G.E.R.S. pledge…..

Together we learn
In a safe and happy place
Growing everyday
Each in our own way
Respecting one another
Striving always to do our best

Educating children is such a complex process that we ask that you join us in the endeavor so we can be partners, working in the best interest of our kids!
                                                                           The Future Starts Here