Welcome to the Deerfield School No. 9 website!

It is my pleasure to provide you with a belated welcome to the 2022-2023 academic year.

As you know, I have been away from my duties far too long, but I return with a new and invigorated motivation to serve you, our students, faculty, and staff in our quest for academic excellence. When I departed, Deerfield School Number 9 was a superior academic institution, whose culture was one of excellence in student service. That atmosphere has not changed, and, with the guidance of interim administration, faculty and staff, our students have benefited heartily. I pledge in this new academic year to concentrate on academic achievement as well as the social-emotional growth and development of our students. Deerfield School Number 9 has shown its resilience, fortitude, and adaptability by its recent confrontation of the challenges of recent years. Its stakeholders have shown that no confrontation will be so great as to trammel its quest for social and academic success.

Our school has recently shown its prowess in science and technology and will enhance our program in this regard. We will rigorously prepare our students for subject matter, and standardized test challenges by departmentalization. Our teachers, though superior in their subject matter knowledge, are in constant collaboration with coaches who are an added assurance of top-quality instruction for our students

An academic institution, however, is not a monolith, it is a partnership. The parents, guardians, and community that we serve are as much a part of our success as those in the building. We have partnered with the Positive Behavior Support in Schools (PBSIS) initiative to provide character development for our students by providing a series of assemblies, instructional interventions and incentives designed to usher our students into society as honorable and contributing members.

We also have an outstanding Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) whose efforts have been instrumental in providing much needed support for our many endeavors along with our faculty, staff, and students.

It is my sincere privilege to serve the Deerfield School Number 9 family as I have for the past five years, and I look forward to continued service to it.

Should you have any questions, comments and/ or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Thank You!

Larry Plummer, Ed.D., J.D.