School No. Four is one of eight elementary schools in Linden, New Jersey and is strongly
committed to providing exceptional educational opportunities for students in pre-kindergarten
through grade four. School No. Four also provides a nurturing environment for all students. More
than fifty staff members comprise this outstanding professional learning community which strives
daily to equip students with the skills and mindset necessary to allow for the achievement of
individual goals. Students are presented with challenges in the area of critical-thinking, problem-
solving, and decision-making skills. Teachers of Elementary School No. Four have successfully
created rich learning environments within their classrooms, with instruction carefully aligned to
the New Jersey State Core Curriculum Content Standards. Instruction is differentiated and offers
students a myriad of learning opportunities, reflective of multiple intelligences and varied learning

School No. Four’s language arts program is designed to provide students with meaningful learning
experiences that will lead them to be lifelong readers through a balanced literacy philosophy.
This program encompasses the five communicative arts: reading, writing, speaking, viewing and
listening. Students develop and actively use literacy skills to construct meaning from the content,
synthesize information, and transfer knowledge. Students’ reading instruction is specific and
reflective of individual needs and learning styles. Literacy workstations provide flexible grouping
for teachers to address and assess students’ specific reading needs, strengths, and grade level
objectives. In order to further increase language arts literacy and promote good reading habits,
both at school and in the home, our district has adopted the 100 Book Challenge program. This
incentive program introduces students to reading as a life style, partnered with books aligned with
their individual reading ability. As a framework for teaching writing, School No. Four and the
Linden school district have adopted the Writer’s Workshop model where students learn the craft
of writing through practice, conferring, and the study of mentor texts. Writer’s Workshop offers
rigorous and explicit instruction in writing across many genres with the ultimate goal of developing
life-long writers.

The Everyday Math program affords students the opportunities to solve problems where
mathematical concepts are linked to situations and contexts relevant to students’ everyday lives.
The curriculum encourages students to explain and discuss their mathematical thinking and
develop computational skills through the use of manipulatives. Students not only learn how to
solve problems but utilize their writing skills to detail how they arrived at a solution. Students
requiring extra support receive targeted instruction by the Title I instructor. These support teachers
work closely with the classroom teacher to make sure that each child receives the scaffolding
necessary to achieve mastery of skills and concepts. Additionally, students meeting specific
guidelines are entitled to outside tutoring, while speech, resource, and other special education
services are available to students during the school day according to need.

Science instruction at School No. Four is constructive and hands-on. Teachers and students do
science together when they open each unit’s FOSS kit; engaging in real experiences that command
critical thinking and lead to a deeper understanding of the natural world. To further enhance
our curriculum, students take field trips to places such as Sandy Hook, The Marine Science
Consortium, and Trailside Museum. School No. Four is proud to be a partner with the Merck
Academy for Leadership in Science Instruction; providing opportunities for teachers to continue
expanding their knowledge and improve instructional practice.

Pre-Kindergarten classes are in their fourth year of implementing the Tools of the Mind program
and our Kindergarten classes began their first year of implementation. The central focus of this
program is aimed at helping students develop cognitive and social-emotional self-regulation. In
the “tools” classroom self-regulated learning is embedded in all lessons. Teachers use strategies to

promote dramatic make-believe play and instructional activities designed to teach self-regulation
and reflective thinking.

School No. Four additionally strives to enrich students learning through our vocal and instrumental
Music, Art, Physical Education, Library, Technology and World Language (Spanish, Italian,
and Chinese) programs. Every classroom is equipped with computers and internet access. Also,
our school possesses two portable computer labs and wireless capability for further technology
integration into the curriculum. Video conferencing opportunities abound. We are proud of
our continued emphasis on Character Education, integral to School Four’s vision for developing
excellence. At School Four, we educate the whole child and we are committed to providing the
support necessary to ensure personal growth. Towards that end, School No. Four offers numerous
parent workshops and community events. School No. Four is committed to educational excellence
in every facet. We constantly strive to meet Standards as measured in the NJ ASK 3-4. Teachers
continually endeavor to grow in their professional knowledge and expertise. With the help of
school based instructional leaders, in the form of mathematics and literacy coaches, as well as a
district science specialists, a Pre-K master teacher, and numerous outside consultants, School Four
staff participates regularly in study group sessions, data and research analysis, and varied other
professional growth opportunities.

At School No. Four, community involvement is integrated into the program through the K-Kids
Club, sponsored by the Linden Kiwanis and led by the faculty. Through the support of the Parent
Teacher Association, a strong and positive home-school connection is being nurtured to benefit
each students’ education.

As School No. Four looks forward to the future a number of exciting changes will take place with
the 2012-2013 school year. First, All Linden Elementary Schools will become Pre-K through grade
five neighborhood schools. Thus, providing educational continuity for our students. Secondly,
School No. 4 will study one language, Italian.

This enhancement to our program will provide students with a deeper learning experience and
build a stronger foundation, allowing for cross-content and global connections. Additionally,
grades 4-5, will implement LEADS, Literacy is Essential to Adolescent Development and Success,
a model which is carried throughout the middle school. This is a student-centered, project based
curriculum that connects the social studies and language arts content. Lastly, our mathematics
program will be revised. “Go Math” will be implemented in our 12-13 school year. The program
was developed to support the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. The program
emphasizes the critical area and depth of understanding through interactive lessons; research based
instructional approaches, and differentiated instructional resources.

School No. Four is a school of which our constituents may be proud. With the support and
commitment of all stakeholders, inclusive of parents, guardians and the community in general,
School No. Four continues to set a standard for educational excellence.

Anthony W. Cataline
Principal, Linden Elementary School No. 4