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Mrs. Walton teaches Vocal Music at School 4  this school year.  Chorus meets for 30 to 45 minutes, once per week (during the school day) to practice together and prepare for performances   All of our fourth and fifth grade students are welcome to audition! We are scheduled to perform a Winter and Spring concert, with a possible field trip or special performance (also to be scheduled during the school day).

Chorus is an opportunity for your child to expand his/her study of music beyond the music classroom.  Some elements that are worked on are vocal exercises, posture and breathing techniques, as well as concert etiquette and working in a large group situation. Students will also have a better understanding of the applications of all of the Elements of Music.

Mrs. Walton anticipates a positive and productive learning experience.  She is eager to share her talents with your children, and in turn benefit from the happiness and enjoyment that they will share with her.



Ms. Thode is School 4’s instrumental music teacher and she is looking forward to making music with you throughout the year.  For more information about this program, click the link below.

Instrumental Music Welcome Letter 2020-2021