Welcome to School No. Five! We are a Linden public elementary school with the unique distinction of educating students during the early childhood years. Our students, in grades Pre-Kindergarten through Two, are provided with a vast array of learning experiences critical to early development.

School Five provides a first rate reading program that is staffed with reading specialists to assist the teachers and students. Inquiry-based math and science programs involve students in cooperative learning and hands-on activities. History, geography, and citizenship are areas that are explored through the social studies program and the world languages that we learn are Italian, Chinese and Spanish. To further develop well-rounded students, vocal music, art appreciation, and physical education classes are part of the weekly routine.

Several support services are also in place at School Five to address academic, social, and emotional needs of the students. A full-time social worker is on staff for students and families alike. At School Five, we know that when we work together as partners in education, the faculty, staff, parents , and community members can bring out the best in every child.

We are staffed with highly qualified teachers who create positive learning environments that prepare all of the students with the strong, educational foundation necessary for future success.

Michelle Rodriguez, Acting Principal