Doors open at 8:10am
Classes begin at 8:25am​
Breakfast Door (Door No. 4, Middlesex St.) opens at 8:00am for students having breakfast.
All students are considered tardy after 8:25am.
Dismissal time is 3:00pm.

School 5 is a Pre-Kindergarten through fifth grade elementary school within the Linden Public School district with an enrollment of approximately 330 children and 19 classroom teachers, and a specialized staff in Music, Art, World Language, Physical Education, Basic Skills, and Special Education.

Elementary School No. 5 prides itself in educating all of its students in order that they may develop skills that will enable them to be fully functioning and diversely educated individuals who are prepared to meet the challenges of life in the twenty-first century. To achieve these goals, students receive an integrated education that provides them with academic knowledge and assists them in their own personal development. Differentiated learning is utilized within the classrooms that will address the different learning styles of the students and meet their individual needs.

Our early childhood classes utilize the Tools of the Mind Program. The central focus of this program is aimed at helping students develop cognitive and social-emotional self-regulation. In the “tools” classroom self-regulated learning is embedded in all lessons. Teachers use strategies to promote dramatic make-believe play and instructional activities designed to teach self-regulation and executive functioning.

Our curriculum and programs were specifically written and chosen to support instruction reflective of the Common Core Standards. Grades one through five use The Journeys program. This program provides students with the skills they need to succeed, preparing them ultimately for the high literacy demands of college and the workplace. In the program, students develop reading comprehension skills as well as developing their skills as critical thinkers, writers, speakers, listeners, and communicators. The Go Math! program emphasizes on the depth of understanding through interactive lessons, research based instructional approaches, best practices from around the world, and differentiated instructional resources to ensure success for all students. Both programs have an online component accessible in class as well as at home.

In accord with the districts TOTO, technology one-to-one initiative, MacBook Airs are provided to every third through fifth grade student to use during class to further support instruction. Our third through fifth grade classrooms are also equipped with interactive Smart Boards. Every classroom is outfitted with a document camera/projector setup which is utilized with the teacher’s personal MacBook to support student engagement.

School 5 values the teaching of children in a manner that will help them develop into a moral, emotionally healthy, and socially acceptable being. To this end, our full-time school social worker delivers a character education program to all grade levels. Other functions such as Student of the Month, Kiwanis Kids, and the PTA contribute to the positive school climate and success of the educational program as a whole.

At School 5 we take pride in our small community and sense of family within the school. We welcome parents to become actively involved as we know that when we work together as partners in education the faculty, staff, parents, and community members can bring out the very best in each child.