Dear School 2 Families,

School 2 would like you to become partners with us in order to maximize the educational process for your children. When you, as a parent, are a partner in your child’s education, your involvement contributes to their success and achievement. As soon as a child begins school, parents can be enlisted as partners to reinforce the benefits of regular, on-time school attendance. The school can help parents believe in and share the following messages:

  • The more you are in school, the more you learn.
  • The more you learn, the higher your grades will be.
  • The better your grades, the more you will enjoy school.
  • The longer you stay in school, the more likely you are to succeed in career and life.

Regular, on-time school attendance is a goal that can only be achieved with the cooperation of both parent and child. Absences contribute to lost learning. Parents should make every effort to schedule family events and appointments during non-school hours. When absences are necessary, parents should call the school on the day of the absence or send a note when the child returns. Please be specific in regards to the reason for the absence – using ‘illness’ or ‘sick’ is not acceptable.

Tardiness contributes to lost learning, as well. When a child arrives late to class, he/she begins the day behind, having missed the teacher’s opening instructions for the day. At School 2, our day begins promptly at 8:40 AM.

There is no substitute for regular attendance at school. The goal of our Attendance Policy is to promote positive, successful students through regular, on-time attendance.

Each month teachers track how many days of perfect attendance their individual classes have. At the end of the month the class winner is announced and they are awarded the Perfect Attendance trophy for that month.